Canon 3: Judge not.

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People are usually more complex than initial impressions convey. Frequently, upon meeting someone, our debut inquiry is, “What do you do?” for “what you do” is often misconstrued as who you are. A virtuous, nomadic man lived in consumer exile for decades before transforming into a famous spiritual leader. Evolving as a teacher, he chose a wandering, impoverished lifestyle to comprehend suffering and need. In his travels, the still unacknowledged sage wearing paupers’ clothing requested shelter at the home of a mogul and was rebuffed. Forty moons later, the sage, now a motivator of the masses, returned to the mogul’s town. This time his presence was met with great fanfare, and he arrived in a splendid limousine. The mogul contacted the sage at his hotel to offer the hospitality of his home. The sage then instructed his driver to drive to the mogul’s home. When the mogul rushed out from his home to greet the sage, he found an empty limo. He called to ask, “Why did you send over an empty limo?” The sage replied, “I sent you what you really wanted. Some years ago I came to your house, and you scorned me. Now you wish to have me. I reflected, "I’m the same man I was then. What has changed today? What do I have now that I then lacked? A limo. Apparently, that’s what you really wanted.” Sometimes money is how people without talent or imagination keep score.

"The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. He frees himself and shows the way to others. Freedom and slavery are mental states." -Mahatma Ghandi
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