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        I'm writting this as I'm getting ready to make my plans for my year-long-round-the-world trip a reality and panic is setting in. Why? Sometimes I find myself doubting that I will actually go thru with it or if it is even possible to fit all I want to see and do within the time and budget limit. And admitedly sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to withstand a whole year by myself. Also a little scared of everything thtat can and probably will go wrong. That is why I am writting this, so that when i am filled with doubt I can read this and remember why I want to do this crazy trip.

         When we are children we want to be, see and do such incredible things and unerringly believe that we can do it. Somwhere between cartoons and crayons and college and work, we stop believing that dreamsor wishes are attainable. The rationality and responsabilities that are drilled into us by our schooling, both at home and at school, makes us believe that financial and societal stability should reign the world. Money and status become the bottom line. We start believing that only a few have the potential to live out their childhood dreams and that the rest of us should be satisfied with a minial life.

         We decieve ourselves into believing that those dreams are childish and irrational and that life is good even withou fullfilling these dreams. We tell ourselves that even if we were inclined to try to make them true it could never happen. "How could I ever...?" instead of "What can I do to make this happen?" We forget that the reason those dreams are so beautiful and powerful is that they were created by a mind and heart that knew no bounds or limits or rules. The reason that we regret not doing something is because reason disables us from thinking beyond our bounds. Older people always talk wistfully of the dreams they had and never fulfilled. Why would you want to live a good regretable life rather than an extraordinary life full of things that most people can only dream of doing? We forget that the power to make dreams come true is in our hands if only we are willing to take the leap and go beyond our bounds.

         So here I am planing to take that frigthening and exhilerating leap. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best!

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photo by: stevenguyen