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I didn't take any photos of my couple of days in Bangkok, so I'll keep it relatively brief. Flight was fine, a few movies, bit of reading and edible grub. 12 hours later, arrived in Bkk, got a dodgy taxi (paying about 100 baht (£2) more for the convenience) and eventually got to my guesthouse after the 'driver' had to call them three times for directions. Don't get unmetered taxis if you expect them to know where you want to go but at least he was a friendly guy with some good chat! Getting out of the taxi outside the guesthouse (about 20 mins walk from Khao San Road), the heat, humidity and smell hit me like a brick in the face. I didn't mind though, as it was all new and exciting and it was quite fun having my senses overloaded!

Guesthouse was pretty nice, spent two nights in Bkk getting pissed with my local friend and doing some shopping and exploring during the day. All in all, it was an enjoyable introduction to the city and definitely opened my eyes to the amazing beauty of the Thai female species! Ridiculously stunning women in every direction... no complaints here! Even the guys who look like girls ain't bad haha!

It seems to me that most people who complain about and hate Bangkok are those who go there with completely unrealistic expectations, lack of knowledge, and make little or no attempt to venture away from Khao San Road and the extremely obvious tourist attractions. Make an attempt to integrate and hang out with some locals and I think the city becomes a much more satisfying place to be. I look forward to spending some more time there.
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photo by: Deats