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         Viva PP! Woke up in the morning, without breaking a sweat! Who knew I could survive Cambodia without an air condition. Well, its a few dollars extra to have an air condition in your room, and to be honest, its a luxury I could not afford to spend on. Woke about 9 am, and then woke Tracy - I picked her up in Okay, we had breakfast and we were off to Russian Market! I love Russian Market, all sights and sounds have been interesting and bizarre, but in a good way. Shops are everywhere, selling handicrafts from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, (I am actually quite surprised that it was a challenge to find local Cambodian handicrafts. In addition to that, I cant tell the difference between some handicrafts as they are come from South East Asia and they look pretty much the same. Well trying not to be ignorant here, but they do look the same! Russian market was boiling, there is barely any ventilation in there, and I was sweating like a maniac. I could have swore that I was showering in my own sweat. Tracy bought few shirts for her brothers and I bought a made in Thailand dress. Haha, what are the odds. We came across this lady who was selling, erm, dried mango, tangerine- looks like sausage actually, and something else. I was so intrigue by it, that I just HAD to try it. I kept on asking what was it, but of couse, she could not converse in English, however there were these two other ladies who were eating it, and they explained it to me. I was tempted to buy the tangerine - initially i had no idea what was it until Tracy told me, because it looks like a sausage- however it was 2 for 500 Riehl. I know that i just wanted a bite and I will hate it and I will throw it away. I tried bargaining if I could have only 1 and I will pay 300 Riehl. One of the ladies was kind enough, she bought 2 of the long sausage tangerine thingy, and she gave me one, and all she told me is that- she wanted me to try it. Seriously, how kind are these people. Well after having a bite, I hated it and threw the rest of it! Haha. We spoke to few locals when we were there, and they are just so accomodating. Its crazy how nice these people are.

       When the evening arrived, met up with a friend for a dinner by the river, and after that, met up with Jess, she introduced me to her friends, took the ferry acroos the river, to some guy's apartment and had lotsa vodka. It was a Russian party. The rest was a blur.
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          I changed to  new guest house today, its called Okay guesthouse, it is swamped by backpackers and tuk tuk drivers. I like it here,it's brilliant clean and homely.b Staff are incredibly friendly and they speak fantastic english, which was very very impressive. Met quite a few backpackers, and started travelling with an American chic, she's cool and fun. We hit it off at first spot and we have a great chemistry. Walked around with her, near to the Palace, being haggled by tuk tuk drivers and motos, nothing new. Just find it funny how they always wanted to charge us 10USD per way. God, I am so not born yesterday.

        Later in the afternoon. Heng picked me up and visited a few NGO based handicrafts shops. First stop was Friends International, it's a vocational training centre that educates young people to make handicrafts. I reckon their stuff is pretty expensive for local standars and its mainly targeted for tourists anyways. I didnt feel bad shopping and buying cos I know its for a good cause :). Second, another the main headquaters for Friends International. They serve food and beauty service! Guess how much isit for a manicure and pedicure, 2 USD!!!

        After that, we ended up heading to more cotton factories, outside the city centre. Was an interesting experience, the village area we were in was pretty poor and dirty. As usual, there were more stares, as I was probably the only foreigner in that area. Heng's tyres gave away, and we needed to push the bike half way to the workshop. Waited till it was done and we were off! During the evening, we went to the river side for some drinks in a fancy bar, called the Chinese Bar. Beautiful place and totally chilled out.  I have to stop drinking as the drinks here are pretty cheap and the bars here are great. But, Angkor Beer is sooooooo good. I have to stop drinking so much as the last thing I would want having a beer belly by the time I get back to KL.


sylviandavid says:
Nice blog.... you definately have a better attitude about visiting factories than I do... Good for you!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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