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      This morning on my way to the LCCT airport (KL), I pulled such a Susan moment, I realised half way that I left my wallet at home. Uncle Anthony could not make a u turn, thus we had to stop at a rest stop and make an emergency to my folks. For some reason, I think my dad saw it coming, he knows how capable I am to forget things. Therefore, it took him 10 minutes to rush from home and pass me my money in Sri Kembangan rest stop. But now all is good, I'm in SR now, with cash and passport. At this entire moment, I will cling on to life on those two. I will be heading to Phnom Penh in an hours time, lets see how crazy can that city get. I cant wait to venture into everything over here, eventhough I should be more specific and have a certain plan. But hey, no point panicking at the moment yeah?

   CfC head office is located in a tiny strip off the main road, I have no idea what is called, but will eventually find out. It's basic, dusty, humble, simple and plain. Gives me a very homely feeling. I am typing this on a very dusty keyboard and on a very slow computer and slow internet. But boo hoo, I'll survive. This morning, Meng (Cfc Country manager) picked me up on his motorbike. Fun times. Initially, I doubted whether would my 65 litre, 15kg backpack could fit, but he was like '' yes, put the big one in front''. It was my first time, riding a bike without a helmet. God, a big no no in Aus and KL. I'm not publishing this to mom and dad just yet, just in case they decide to send over a UN convoy and fly me back to KL. It was fun, almost got my foot cut off by the wheels when it was running as my left foot just slipped. But no big drama, I will survive.

   We left for Phnom Penh about 10am, and it took us 6.5 hours to get that. With the pit stops and crazy bumpy road. By the time we got to PP, I've never felt so relieved to stand on ground. My first night in Phnom Penh has been interesting, I am staying in a crazy noisy guesthouse, called Capitol, which is centralised in Makara, apparently the central hub of the city. A single room was not available for me, therefore, I had to sleep in a twin sharing room. Oh well, at least I have the bathroom to myself and a tv. The TV channels here are amazing! I think there's like over 60 channels, inclusive of HBO, Cinemax and Star.

   For dinner time, I met an AISEC intern here, her name is Jess, incredible person and helpful. She's been here for almost 2-3 months now, so she's been giving travelling tips on how not to get ripped off. Had a pleasant dinner on Sihanouk Blvd, and apparently in a backpackers hub. I'm planning to change accomodation because of the noise. Well we'll see how it goes today (Tuesday).

travelman727 says:
Grat blog! It's amazing how quickly we adapt to new surroundings :-D
Posted on: Feb 09, 2010
sylviandavid says:
nice blog... a fun read....
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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