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Third day in Tokyo, and my my what a sunny day it was ! The sun was shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky and it was hot enough to walk around with just a T-shirt; which is a far cry from the reality back in Amsterdam with what i’ve been hearing from friends. I decided to take it easy and stay away from loud tech-invested places such as Akihabara. Bought a bento (packed meal) at Ueno station and walked into Ueno Koen. It’s a nice park, filled with different kinds of shrines and lots of museums. There were many street artists performing including a Japanese-peruvian-flute-band. Yes. That’s quite odd. But it’s Japan so you should expect the unexpected.

Quite interestingly enough an old Japanese man started to talk to me, which turned out to be a pleasant one hour conversation with broad topics ranging the current state of society in Japan, all the way to picking up Japanese girls. Yes, this old geezer would see me having sex with a fine Japanese woman. Aside from the humor in that topic he really hit some nails on the current society and the pressures on the younger individuals.

After spending several peaceful hours in the park I traveled down to Asakusa;which is one of the few parts in Tokyo that you’re still able to see much of the old history in it’s full glory with Rikshaws everywhere, a bustling market and the large Sensoji shrine with it’s equally large gates and pagoda.
It was such a shame to see Sensoji temple itself being covered in construction signs.
You couldn’t even see the temple anymore ! They are doing some restoration work by the looks of it. Most of the temple grounds were unaffected by this but it would have been a downer if I didn’t already see the temple last year.

I`m embarresed to say that I didn’t do much else today; after having a large bowl of Gyudon for late lunch / dinner I went back to my hotelroom, changed into a different outfit only to have unwittingly fallen asleep !
I didn’t wake up untill midnight; ouch ! So needless to say, without a car i’m getting nowhere with public transport shut tightly around midnight.

There is however good news, it seems to be Japan music week ! A sort of simular concept to what we know in Amsterdam as “Amsterdam Dance Event” namely; hundreds of top, or upcoming artists performing over a duration of a week in various venues all across Tokyo. The entry charge is very little. Those in Japan right now please follow the link : ; I’m very excited to go and attend so expect to see me talking more about gigs in the upcoming days. Now I think it’s time to go and see if I can finally spin out of this jetlag thing; it’s really pissing me off.
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photo by: maka77