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Meiji Jingu

Had an early start today seeing as I slept rather early last night. Because of that however I was in Harajuku by 8AM and took a leisurely stroll trough Meiji Gyoen, which is the park that surrounds Meiji Jingu (A large Shinto shrine) which could actually be better dubbed a forest if you ask me. At any rate alot of younglings dressed up in Kimono’s for the coming of age ceremonies with an incredible amount of men and woman with high-grade lens reflex camera’s snapping away pictures of these children (not me; dont wanna go to jail) even if in 99% of the cases they weren’t their own children ! However the parents seem to love to boast the various Kimono’s they have their offspring wearing so snapping pictures is the ultimate compliment that your kid looks nice. Aside from that, nonstop weddings were performed in the traditional Shinto way. The brides all look beautifull and the grooms ever so serious. And no;  I didn’t go all “why so serious ? ” :-) seriously that expression needs to stop.

After Meiji Jingu I wanted to go check out the rockabillies, little skirts and greasers at Yoyogi Koen (Koen meanss park) but unfortunatly. I got lost in the forest and couldn’t find it. Too bad, it was great weather today but alas; I had a previous apointment in Akiba (Short for Akihabara) so I had to stop the search and leave Harajuku. Next Sunday better I hope !


I can already hear you say ” wait a second, didn’t you visit Akiba yesterday already ” Yes I did. Dimwit. But this time I checked out a maid cafe (cho-cha) which meant I ended up getting served by a girl in a one -piece swimsuit on her high heels !
Had a drink there interestingly called “The Heartbreaker” which was a slushie with chunks of strawberry (quite nice) and some injected love with a cute enchantment from my loving maid of the hour :-)

You can’t take pictures in Maid cafe’s. You will get kicked out for life if you do; but you can win a picture !
I didn’t go for that. The odds are stacked against you so badly that .. well let me just explain what you had to do.
One of the group took the challenge, first you start out playing Janken (rock, paper, scissors) for 3 rounds. On the table infront of you there is a plethora of ingredients and a mixing glass. If you win a Janken round you get to chose the ingredient that goes in the mixer, if the maid wins she choses. And her choices will be very nasty ! Think Natto and the likes (Fermented beans)
For every round of Janken you lose, it will be tallyed and paid to you back with a slap to the face, quite hard one too.
Then offcourse you finish the drink which can be either semi-pleasant or completely toxic; depending on your janken skills.

But in the end , my esteemed sacrificial / self suicidal friend took the giant plunge, got a slap to the face and has probably a broken kidney BUT HEY ; he won a picture !
Several more weird Akiba adventures later that are too much to divulge I arrive at the arcade ontop of Don Quixote.
Don Quixote is an interesting store; selling cheap stuff of every kind. Grocaries, but that goes quickly downhill to videogames, useless junk and little gadgets to sex-toys and some truly unique lingerie that will boggle both the male and female mind.
Played an hour of Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna (Encounters on the battlefield) with two Tokyo residents. It is a team-game of mechanised warfare where you do battle with gigantic robots more or less. The arcade cabinet is nice as you sit in this almost spherical pod; the game is then projected on the interior giving you a full 180 degree field of vision.
It was quite nice and sooner than later “F*CK !” and bad words like that could be heard over the squad intercom :)

Finished the evening by having dinner at the foodcourt on the 8th floor of Yodabashi camera, a very nice hot plate of spiced rice with thin slices of meet surrounding it; that’s delivered so hot that it’s still baking right infront of you whilst you can pour butter and other things ontop of it – yummy ! Inexpensive and delicious.
After I was satisfied, I practiced my golf swing on the 9th floor .. the roof of Yodabashi camera to be exact.
Quite nice to see the many lights of Tokyo as a backdrop ! I loved every moment of it and it’s certainly different than back home.


Right now it’s 10PM and i’m chilling in my hotel room, listening to some heavy metal after I couldn’t stand it anymore hearing my 3 female neighbours going at it (walls in Japanese hotels are paper thin; a 4 star one is no exception) and was just suggested by a friend to ” Go have it a wank ” … you know who are you :)  And no ; i’m not indulging in that joke either !

Well, off to have an early night of sleep agian; I’m still knackered from the 30 hour lack of sleep I had to get here in the first place.
I’m out !

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photo by: maka77