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We left the city of Hangzhou for Shanghai today...  A 2 hour bus ride took us to a little tourist attraction/city called Wuzhen.  Advertised as the Venice of the east, this canal town is a preservation and representation of an old city with a canal running through it.  On a nice day, it would have been a neat place to wander around and explore, but today was cold with misty rain, and generally all out miserable.  Not the most ideal weather to be walking around, but Wuzhen was fun to explore nonetheless.

We then jumped back onto our bus, and continued to Shanghai.  

Now.  I'm all for big cities, and love the hustle and bustle and the energy of it all, but Shanghai is a city with 30 MILLION people.  Yes.  That's right... 30 MILLION.... I've never experienced anything quite like it.  I knew the city was going to be bonkers on our way in, when passing on the RIGHT side of the highway, on the emergency shoulder no less, was perfectly acceptable.  That said, we got into Shanghai at around 4pm, and had some time to get acquainted with the city, and we went out to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant for some local food.  I spent 10 RMB (about $1.50 Canadian) on an amazing sour and spicy noodle dish.  Just awesome really.  The theme for this whole China swing has beent the fact that food is insanely cheap out hear, and I've been loving every culinary minute.  

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and got ready for a night out.  The first stop on the tour was a trip up the Jinmao Tower, a GIGANTIC 88 storey building in the heart of the downtown district.  Today was my birthday, and our group leader thought it'd be great to go out for Karaoke at a nearby bar to celebrate.  It was SO much fun, almost everyone from the tour came along, and we belted out songs for about 3 hours.  Needless to say, my birthday was quite the memorable one... now just dreading tomorrow.

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photo by: spocklogic