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Well, my first full day of exploring Hong Kong, and man was it successful.  I did some family stuff in the morning, and then made our way to the waterfront.

The waterfront is a fantastic place filled with activity and the hustle and bustle of any normal city of population 7 million.  We walked around for a little bit and eventually found the Big Bust Tour company.  They offer a hop-on, hop-off bus tour that has a guided tour included.  They supply some headphones, and a pre-taped tour is piped through and you get a VERY brief description of what you're looking at while you drive through the city.  A FANTASTIC way to see the town, and at $320 HKD (about $50 Canadian) you get to see the entire city of Hong Kong (for TWO days mind you) and get to take the ferry from Kowloon to the island of Hong Kong.

  It's a brilliant way to see what you want to see, and to do it on your terms.

Which brings me to a whole other point.... the transit sysyem here is AMAZING.... there is a do-it-all card that you use called an "octopus" card, that is like a pre-paid debit card that gives you access to the mass transit system, and for day to day use (i.e., parkiing, grocery shopping, and a whole wack of other stuff....).  The brilliance of this thing is that you simply tap your card on the reader (like a pay-pass sorta system) and you're off and running.... no scrambling for change, no needto buy tickets.  On top of that, the transit system works on a pay by distance system, where if you're only going one stop on the subway, it charges you LESS than if you take it from one end to another.

.. pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Anyways, back to my adventure, we saw the enitre city, and then met up with my cousin who took us to the "Busy corner" (as translated in english)... it's a couple block area which shuts down to moter traffic around 5 in the evening, and then turns into a giant commercial area with streetside food vendors, and foolishness in the streets.  I've honestly never seen an atmosphere like this before.  Take Times Square in New York, and multiply by 5...  it's THAT massive.... people are EVERYWHERE, and the food.... dear god the food... just simply amazing.   It's decently cheap, and tastes delicious.

I have some shots that I took, and I will try to upload a better album when I have more reliable internet.  I've just been booted off the internet, and I'll have to post this tomorrow..... Lame.

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photo by: Chokk