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So we arrived today in Kobe, and man was it a relief to get off that boat.....  cabin fever was definitely starting to set in, and one more day could have killed me. 

But once we got off the boat in Kobe, we had to go through customs, and that's when the craziness started.  As part of the GAP adventure, we didn't really know what hotel we were staying at in Osaka, and that threw the customs guy for a loop... I had to try and explain that we were on a tour group which took about 5 minutes.... after that, I went through the duties area, and even though I had no duty-free goods to declare, the guy decided that it'd be prudent to search through ALL of my belongings.... not only did he check my camera bag, my day pack, but he need to see everything I had in my pack... So it took literally 10 minutes for him to search through my clothes, underwear and my collection of tea before he decided that I could be on my way, so another 5 mintues later to repack my gear, and we were off and away.

We met up with Seiko our tour guide, and 3 trains and a subway later, we made it to our hotel... by this time it was just shy of noon local time, and we weren't allowed to check in until 3, so my sister, Erin, Steve and Lucy (a couple from Sheffield that we travelled with in China) decided to walk around the town.  We found a HUGE mall in the downtown area and checked it out.  We scampered up to the 8th floor where the restaurants were, and had an AMAZING sushi lunch.

We continued on our way after lunch and found another mall which had a ferris wheel on the roof. (yeah... you read it right... a ferris wheel on the ROOF!) We wanted to see what it was all about, so we went up to see how much it'd cost............  Apparently it was a holiday of somesort here, and the ferris wheel was free for the day, so we took a ride around and saw the city from about 15 stories up....

We met up with the rest of the Japan tour group around 6ish, and went over the trip details.....  Our first stop will be a Buddhist temple in Koya-San, so needless to say, there will be no internet there, so I will revisit this story when we get to Hiroshima in 2 days.

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