Cold and miserable... day 2

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So....  I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks... no ill affects from the night out, which was a blessing in itself.  We met up with one of our uncles out here, and he took us around the city, showing us a couple temples and a fantastic area called the Yuyuan Gardens.  Another "preservation" of traditional Chinese architecture, the Yuyuan Garden is a  great place to go shopping for souvenirs.  We went to a dumpling house in the center of it all, right beside a huge pond.  We had traditional Shanghai "little dragon" dumplings, and it was amazing.  The trick to this place is that there is no real line up, you just run in, and stand behind a table and wait for the people to get up, and you take their place.  Such a weird system, and a slight invasion of privacy, but worth it in the end.  After lunch, we continued exploring the big city, and made it back to the hotel for 5pm.  We got together as a group for the last time :( and met up for a night of acrobatics and dinner.  We went to what I thought was going to be a very cliche Chinese acrobat show, and for the most part, it was.  The big finally was this crazy motorbike stunt show, and personally, I think it was just part of the standard driving test for scooter/motorbike drivers out here... Motorists are insane out here.  30 million people needing to get to one place or another turn the surface streets into a giant free for all, with 3 lane roads turning quickly into 5 or 6 lanes worth of traffic.  

Dinner was at a Szechuan restaurant, and a fitting end to a great trip...  Good food, terrific people, and a perfect wrap up to 7.5 days in China.

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photo by: spocklogic