Day 3 first day of work-and still jet lagged

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I love these late nights, you know not sleeping all night, then going to work the next day asking, actually hoping a bus hits me so i can go to sleep! Had my first day working in Oslo, it was very nice. People are very friendly, and very chill in the work place, plus they have an amazing coffee machine at the location i work at. The one thing i noticed is people left really early, by like 330/4, is that normal?The cold is still getting to me, i dont know how to take this, i miss sunny San Diego's weather. I did finally find a supermarket to buy fruit and veges as snacks. Fruits are bloody expensive, its absolute insanity to pay $10 a pineapple, i was about to call my cousin and tell him to go buy the pineapple stock of san diego(.$99 or 5Kr) and mail it over, id be rich hahaha. I have to say though the public transportation is one of the best and cleanest ive seen anywhere, norweigans could easily teach americans a thing or two about transport. Oh another interesting expereince, having fish for breakfast, interesting!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me where to find a club that plays hip hop? Anyone else bored??? Holla at me we can all join and have fun end the madness.  
capossible says:
I found a hip hop club, Blaa near Grenaloka/Toyen. Also there is one near the waterfront near where i have moved.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2009
sarahsan says:
Hi C! Enjoyed reading your blog. Fun to hear how foreigners see us! Even though it´s expensive, I hope you enjoy your time in Oslo. Have a great weekend! Cheers!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
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Day 2 was fun about discovering a new area. Today was much colder and a bit darker than yesterday. I walked for about 30 minutes to a very nice area, i think it was near a stadium or something, either way there were lots of parks and shops. Found a great cafe to work and study called Colletes cafe i suggest it to anyone, great service. Found the people there more open to a foreigner than any other place i have been to in my limited time so far. I am curious how Norweigans feel about foreigners, in a social sense?  I am still looking for a Yoga studio, if anyone can point me the right way i would appreciate it. I would love to meet a local to show me around to some cool spots, especially for music. Its amazing how clean the city is, especially compared to other parts of the world i have been to. The one thing that is a bit different to me from back home is how dressed up everyone is all the time, back home i am very casual on the weekend especially since i am surfing or chillin, but here even though it is cold, people are respectively very dressed up.  To end on a good point, i did get an awesome upgrade on my hotel room since i will be staying in it for 3 months. I am on the 17th floor and have an awesome view of the city, and the room has bright multi colored lights in the room, made me want to flicker on and off the lights quickly and play trance, it would be like a club i went to in Thailand hahaha.

photo by: sarahsan