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view from rooftop garden area

Oh man I hate jetlag.  30 hours of flying and airports really does me in for the first days, at least 4 or 5.  Spent the first days resting and picking up small items at markets on the street. One that was maybe half a block on Sukhumvit next to Asoke is now MANY blocks. Before you know it you are looking at the Nana skytrain station stairs.  Tried spicy Thai food for breakfast as an antidote, sure didn't hurt :) 

Now as I settled in, getting to know the new dorm mates, I found four of us were long stay guys.  One was a young English guy doin the English teacher thing...he'd been living in an 8 bed dorm for THREE months (when I got back to this place in Feb. he was STILL THERE, lol).  Another was a Swede who had lived in China for 8 yrs doing Swedish tour groups. Another was a young french guy just over a job in "finance". NOT happy with it he had come to Bkk to change gears and try starting a web building biz.  Then there was Paul who had split up with the wife in 2002 and had been traveling ever since.  This led to an almost homey dorm. Usually they come and go so fast you don't bother to get names :)

So I was relaxing, eating loads of good street food and just poking about looking for odd things I needed.  Ever try and find a blanket in Bkk? or sewing machine oil? Or maybe Lysol disinfecting spray? Well, I found the Lysol, $15.  It's more like 3 back home.  But it was all a good excuse to get out and do non tourist things as temples bore me at this stage.

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view from rooftop garden area
view from rooftop garden area
view from Skytrain looking down fo…
view from Skytrain looking down f…
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note hostel sign on left
note hostel sign on left
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