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We arrived in Cape Town this evening.  What a beautiful city...mountains all around.   We are staying at a great boutique hotel called Africa Villa, and walking through the neighborhood it's located in and to a local restaurant, reminded us of San Francisco.  The houses, the steep hills, the winking residential lights against the steep mountains and ocean in the distance.  The smell of jasmine and sage all around.  It's magical. 

Karla, this would remind you of home for sure. 

We said goodbye to Zambia today.  It was sad for us, because yesterday, we drove to Botswana from Zambia (a different country in Africa) to Chobe National Park and spent the day.  Wildlife galore!  We took a small boat "safari" and overland jeep through this huge National Park (size of Rhode Island) where we were up close and personal with:  Elephants, Hippos, Crocodiles, Monitors, Impalas, Antelope, hundreds of birds (including kingfishers, eagles and vultures), Tortoise, Mongoose, and dung beetles.  I (Kari) have a soft spot in my heart now for Hippos because they have very sensitive skin and hang out in water to avoid sunburn, and can change the amount of melanin in their skin (appearing darker when the sun is hot) depending on the weather.  The females feed their young under water to having them attacked by predators.  Plus, they have cute ears...but don't make them mad.  They charge.  We saw the evidence of traditional wooden boats that were broken in two as a result of "hippo stranger danger."  Elephants were also wonderful, we saw herds of hundreds of them, coming down the Chobe river where they stood 100 feet away.  We saw a young male scratching his back on a tree 10 feet away from us.  We were in a jeep.   He was big ;-)  We also met a nice French couple, Elizabeth and Alain, whom I tried to speak my rusty French with...and blurted out incorrect genders and nouns, resorting to saying goodbye with "Bon soir, .... omelette du fromage ... Marcel Marsoute" (not really, but almost just as bad).

We are having a great time...

Love, Kari & Tim




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Cape Town
photo by: v10