12. My Favorite Fountain and Garden Photos

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01. This Superfountain in Barcelona, Spain (07-058)

02. The Fountain and the Castle in Edinburgh, Great Britain. (07-091)

03. A beautiful hidden garden in Carrieres sur Seine, France. (07-017)

04. Fountain and Statue in Munich, Germany. (07-050)

05. A magnificent hillside in Lisbon, Portugal. (03-029)

06. A cool late night discovery in Madelaine, France. (07-088)

07. A back alley fountain in Rome, Italy. (07-105)

08. Fountain on the Plaza in Lille, France. (07-085)

09. Fountain on a Pond in Brussels, Belguim. (07-083)

10. The vast royal park in Marley le Roi, France. (07-009)

11. Garden on the lake in Lugano, Switzerland. (07-191)

12. Mountain View plaza in Vezia, Switzerland. (07-189)

13. Fountain and Castle in Milano, Italy. (07-174)

14. View of Trafalgar Square in London, Great Britain. (07-096)

15. A Human Fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark. (07-080)

16. Pillar and Fountain in Madrid, Spain. (03-001)

17. A memorable park in Algeciras, Spain. 5à”-023)

18. Church on a Lake in Stuttgart, Germany. (07-057)

19. The “New Concept” city of Reston VA, USA. (04-026)

20. Fountain in Berlin, Germany. (07-082)

21. Luxembourg Park in Paris, France. (07-044)

22. A beautiful Garden in Prague, Czech Republic. (07-052)

23.  A fountain in Warsaw, Poland. (07-053)

24. A Modern Fountain in the ancient city of Safi, Morocco. (06-021)

25. Another fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark* (07-080)

26. A beautiful garden in Asnieres sur Seine, France. (07-001)

27. A Palm Tree Lined Park in Casablanca, Morocco. (03-006)

28. A fountain in Bologna, Italy. (07-163)

29. A pleasant surprise in Georgetown DE, USA (01-013)

30. A stately park in Melilla, Spain (05-033)

31. A hidden park in Nanterre, France. (07-004)

32. A waterfall in Budapest, Hungary. (07-073)

33. An Old City Plaza in Bratislava, Slovakia. (07-056)

34. A classy fountain in Vienna, Austria. (07-051)

35. A fountain in Lyon, France. (07-059)

36. A Musical Park in Puteaux, France. (07-042)

37. A family friendly plaza in Pesaro, Italy. (07-142)

38. A Modern Art Fountain in Riccione, Italy. (07-145)

39. A night shot of Reggion Emilio, Italy (07-166)

40. An interesting little fountain in Seravale, San Marino. (07-150)

41. An unusual fountain with a view in Santarcangelo, Italy. (07-153)

42. A different sort of fountain in Saint Mandé, France. (07-047)

43. This plaza welcomed me to Chiasso, Switzerland. (07-176)

44. One of Morocco’s few well manicured gardens in Mohammedia, Morocco. (03-015)

45. A nice shot of my session in Easton PA, USA (04-009)

46. An unassuming fountain in Prushkow, Poland. (07-054)

47. A tiny peaceful corner in dodgy Les Lilas, France. (07-045)

48. Another beachside fountain in Silvi, Italy.(07-123)

49. A popular fountain in Wilkes Barre PA, USA. (04-039)

50. A classy little village garden in Danville PA, USA. (04-045)


Other Nominees


Peace Garden in Annville PA, USA

Home garden in Hagerstown MD, USA

Garden of Vesinet, France

Fountain in Eaubonne, France

Park in Colombe la Garenne, France.

Park in Alba Adriatica, Italy

Fountain in San Benedetto de Tronto, Italy

Fountain in Recanati, Italy

Alba adriatica, Italy

Fountain in Massagno, Switzerland


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photo by: nathanphil