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And so the journey continues...

so finally we make it to the pit stop restaurant on the way to our destination.  We have already managed to make a good 4 hours worth of the roughest terrain, without air conditioning... record time I'd say!  

Needless to say, my bladder is screaming bloody mercy and Ning Ning quickly escorts me to the appropriate facilities.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, a whole in the floor with a tub of water with a ladle spoon to scurry away the trickle left behind.  Did I really need to mention that tissue is non existent?  What to do?  Wait to arrive at our destination?  And to think I was naive enough to place pretty fresh flowers in my hair before I left and now I just look like I stared with Indiana Jones in the Temple Of Doom!  

So in I go and contemplate how to handle this situation with my white cotton pants and elegant undies.  So I decide best undress completely and go from there.  Should I squat, UM, no!  Pee pee running down my leg or even worse hitting the door...  OH Why couldn't I be of the age where "Depends" was a way of life?  No, I have no choice, bite the bullet Gail and raise a leg and hope it hits the hole.  BULLS EYE!  If only this could be a sport, I'd of earned my first gold metal.  Now do I feel proud of myself!  

And so I dress myself back up only to see there is no basin to wash my hands and that means the people cooking my food may not have an obsessive compulsive disorder like me and are not seeing the problem of food contamination... LOVELY!  O.K. so I lost my appetite.  

Back on the road until we finally make it to our destination.  Ning Ning has brought me to her very own Eat, Pray and Love Guru/Master.  Here I find myself sitting on the carpet (oh course I have removed my shoes efore going in like any good muslim...  Oh Mom, by the way, I did mention to you that I have become a devout Muslim while I was here, eh?) with this man that looks young and old all at the same time, feeling like he has me all figured out and he and Ning Ning are having this long winded conversation, obviously about me except no one is filling me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Scorpio that I am, not knowing is killing me!

So after a long ritual, with complimentary homemade biscuits (by people who have no basin to wash their hands and pee pee in the floor), Mr Boudie has much faith in my journey ahead.  Well, had I known all I ever had to do was travel a 23 hour flight, 10 hour bus ride and a 6 hour car trip to find out everything is great...  I'd have never sweated it out.

Time to leave and say our good byes but first... "May I use your washroom?"  I inquire.  Surely Mr. Boudie has a "REAL WASHROOM!"  I am led by his daughter-in-law to the facilities (in bare feet, May I add) and yes you guessed it, a whole in the floor again.  So here I go undressing again and lifting my leg and making an aim.  Bullz Eye again... "Oh ya, Oh ya, you rock Gail!"

So in we go to our un-air conditioned car for another 6 hour car ride back.  I am exhausted as I arrive at my hotel, when I am greeted by one staff after another, incredibly concerned for me.  "Hibou, Hibou, Are you O.K.?"  "Why are they calling me Owl?"  I ask myself.  "Tired but fine" I assure them.  I had tried to spare the staff work, put my do not disturb sign up so they wouldn't have to clean my room, but instead I apparently created a bit of confussion when they didn't see me all day.

So, finally I made it back to my hotel, safe and sound and happy to find my shower, real toilet and bed.

Night everyone, stay tuned for the conclusion of "The world According to Gail, or Gail's world"...

 Now...the only moment that counts
    Use the moment wisely.
   Gail Lea
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photo by: Sonya