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My friend Ning Ning
Hi Everyone,
Just thought I would give you a quick run down of this Indonesian "solo" experience.
After a surprisingly easy 23 hour flight here, not counting stop overs, I made it to Denpasar, Bali safe and sound.  The flight over from Chicago to Tokyo, and then Tokyo to Denpasar on Japan Airlines was fabulous.  Of all the flights I have boarded, I cannot say enough about JAL.  I was on the upper deck/bulk head, same seat each flight and it was wonderful.  Even the food was edible!
The most remarkable aspects of the flight for me were:
1) Asian's don't snore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Their babies don't make a peep!!!!!!!!!!!
(anyone who has flown on any Transat flight understands the shock!  What do we feed our North American children that makes them so unruly compared to Asian children)? 
3)No one is loud and obnoxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(Then again, maybe it is the over use of alcohol and altitude on North American flights that make us blush with embarrassment with some behavior).
Denpasar Bali

I went for a walk to the beach yesterday and was surprised at how cold the water was and the sand is not as fine as I had anticipated.  Hot sun beating down on me though is a wonderful consolation.
Last night, I boarded the 10 hour bus ride to Jafar... an all nighter.  Arrived at 5 AM.  This too was an amazing trip.  Quiet, comfortable, with full reclining seat that are literally transformed into a bed with blankets for each passenger (written "circle of life" and lined with satin, hear that Lori..., really sweet) and the fastest, most talented driver I have ever experienced.  I must admit boarding the ferry for the hour and a half crossing was slightly intimidating as the bus rocked back and forth but eventually you find yourself being lulled to sleep.
So I checked into a beautiful, dirt cheap/bonus of being a travel agent) hotel and took a long awaited bath and ate something for breakfast that I could actually recognize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank God for international cuisine! /rice for breakfast is challenging for a "Poulle Deluxe" like me.
What an experience
.. LOL
So of I went on a long walk through the city, getting lost, finding my way and getting lost again until, low and behold... 
INTERNET CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
After this letter, I return to my hotel to have afternoon tea time and surely a nap.  Tomorrow I meet Ning Ning/Bali friend, and we are off on a 4 hour car ride to meet her Master/Guru (anyone read "Eat/Pray/Love?) to get a free session of Reiki and a crash course on Spiritualism!!!!  Anyone who lives to a hundred must have something to share...  And then another 4 hour ride back.  Sleep and get back on the bus for another 10 hour bus ride to denpasar so the next day we can just get back in the car to drive to UBUD to visit another part of Bali!
No, their is no tan time but I will definitely be able to say, I saw and lived Indonesia but I learnt a huge lesson.
The village that got disappeared under oil
NO need for great shoes or clothes to dine out...
All you need here is a couple of pair of Kaki's, a few tops and a tooth brush.  Make-up should never be permitted in a hot country unless you want to look like tears of a clown and if you curl like me, well ponytail is the only way to go or you will look like MS BIZZ!

almond72 says:
Wow ! You haven't flown our short haul routes then. (esp. the budget carriers). The adults & kids :
Snore, change seats like musical chairs, talk louder than the jet engine, complain all the way.

Try to enjoy some rice for breakfast, it's fun & keeps you going till past noon. :D
Posted on: Nov 07, 2009
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My friend Ning Ning
My friend Ning Ning
Denpasar Bali
Denpasar Bali
What an experience
What an experience
The village that got disappeared u…
The village that got disappeared …
The real KETUT in Ubud from 
The real KETUT in Ubud from EAT…
photo by: mr_shanet