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The Hotel AM ALTEN POSTPLATZ ROSS is very nice. In addtion to a very good kitchen they have a Vinothek/Bar with large selection of wines.

So there I was in Germany surrounded by all of these great German restaurants, bistros and bier gartens and where did I eat Sunday morning? Subway! I really like the veggie pattie at Subway and I had been smelling their bread baking all morning - had to have it. To keep aligned with that theme of transgression I ate at a Chinese Restaurant that night.

Monday I stopped my back-sliding though and had Spargel with tagliattelle and I will endeavor to continue eating German food while I'm in Germany (but if that sumptious Subway bread aroma wafts up to my window again all bets are off).

To me one of the neat thing about Germany, and its similar to what I saw when I lived in Italy, is the re-use of old buildings. Almost surreal that an internet-cafe is in a building from the early 1800s. The mix of older buildings and newer establishments at times is clumsy but at other times you can see the designers were looking for a harmonious blend.

I also like it in their community designs the foot and bike baths they've created, not only in towns but in the country-side, which I think helps the German's appreciate their beautiful panoramas with greater ease.

Speaking of walking, I tend to do a lot of it instead of driving towns.  On one walk I saw a place called Sheperds and it had a crossed guitar motif on the window so I stopped in.   Vacant except the server.  She told me yes indeed they were open but normally not that many people until Friday when they had Karaoke.

OK, nice place, CD collection and downloads of undeterminable capacity and the beer is cold.   I stayed for awhile picking out songs and beers.

I returned Friday and there was a group of 7 friends, 3 or 4 women and 3 guys, on one side and I went to the other side having broadly announced my Guten Abend and been greeted cheerfully in return.   A song starts and one of the girls starts singing...not so nice.   Next song her friend sings and its angelic.  The bar tender recognizes me from Tuesday but doesn't give away that I'm a foreigner.  When my beer arrives I announce Prost and one of the girls Prosts me back and nudges one of the guys who Prosts me and then says something for about 2 minutes to which I say "Sorry I don't have the German."  Turns out most of them speak English a little and two are better than me, I -- you know. 

I am told I must pick a song or one will be picked for me.   They pick Liza Minelli's Cabaret and I didn't suck.  Later I am Neal Diamond doing Sweet Caroline and then the rounds start and eventually I become Cat Stevens Morning Has Broken.   Either I was drunk, deaf or the microphone has some magical properties because they liked it and I was having fun.

First fun I'd really had.  See, I'm very happily married for 23 years and my wife and I spent 7 years in Europe when we were first married (B.C.  - before children) and I just don't enjoy pretty buildings, sunsets or gardens as much without her.

So, thank you Sheperd's Bar.

Also, many thanks to the beautiful servers at the Hotel Am Alten Postplatz on both the restaurant and vinotek side.   What a nice place and all of the ladies could have been models except they were warm, friendly and not over-made up.  The uniform for the servers is a black shirt - normally a rounded collar short sleeve and slacks or a skirt but they have this huge apron (table cloth) that wraps around their waist and covers from waist to ankle all the way around.  

The museum, river walk and shops, an old city wall and breweries who have been in service for 500 years, and the friendly people on the street and in the service industry made this a very pleasant visit.  Too bad I had to work.

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