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Ansbach Germany and the Hotel Windmuhle (wind mill) (Gasthof Zur Windmuhle Rummelsberger Strasse, Ansbach Phone: +49 (0) 981 15088 ) were very pleasant. I had visited Bavaria in the '80s and was pleased to see that strip malls and the other bad results of population in the US had not blighted this area. First recorded as a settlement in the 700s this town became a cultural center and administrative center and capital for the region. This importance as a regional center led to many prominent buildings and residences which have been kept in grand condition. The old town area is very nice and filled with places to eat, drink and meet with friends.

If you've read any of my previous reports on my Yahoo 360 you will have recognized a common theme - food! Well, food, wine, beer, buildings and nice people.

First let me tell you of Spargel which is white asparagus. It is grown without the sun (mounds of sand cover the plants I'm told) and really doesn't taste like green asparagus at all. It is steamed normally standing upright in a special spargel pot (so the bottom is cooked tender and the tips are not overcooked) . Served with either hollandaise or butter it is zehr gut! It normally comes accompanied with boiled potatoes (kartofflen).

OK, hands above the table. In the US we normally have the left hand under the table but that's rude in Germany (I asked and couldn't find out if its because you might be hoarding food or hiding a weapon or what but - don't do it).

Fork in left hand, knife in right. Speaking of knife: do not cut potatoes or dumplings as this would indicate they are not cooked properly.

If you're taking a break, cross your utensils on your plate. When you're finished, put them over the right side of the plate (with the used ends towards the center of the plate) and put your napkin on the left side of the plate.

Unless there is a sign saying otherwise you just normally walk in a grab a table. A hearty good morning, good day or good evening as you enter is appropriate. Order your drink, get your menu and stick to the menu. Special requests of course will be accomodated because the Germans are very proper hosts and hostesses but, hey, you know they spent a lot of time making the menu this way, ok?

As you leave an establishment wish them well, Auf Wiedershen (ck spelling).

Ok, in addition to spargel (and spargel cremezuppe!) I also recommend the zweibel (onion) soup and the bouillon mit eir (with egg). The soft cheese (wish I had wrote that name down -- started with ang i think) and bread was good.

One place had zuchinni, sliced lenghtwise with perhaps 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness and maybe 1.5 inches long, that appeared to be lightly floured and then flash fried in a pan (not much oil - so very good) similar to the way I prepare it at home. It came with a white sauce (very similar to that thick white sauce in Greece) and let me tell you it was heaven to eat.

You will be wished good appetite and you will be asked how it was. I can't put the little dots over the vowels with my typing choice but sehr (zair) Kastlich (kaste leech) is very delicious) and sehr gut of course is very good.

Of course you know the Germans are very particular about beer and have some strict protocols on its manufacture and naming. What I did not know was the variety of wines other than the ubiquitous black kat and reislings that I've been familiar with. More on that later maybe but my favorite thus far is the Schwainfurte allainleite Silvaner which is not fruity but yet not sec either - perhaps between a pinot grigot and a chardonay in taste ranges - but oh so very smooth. It does help the palate get ready for the next bite of spargel!

Anyway, Ansbach is a nice place and the Windmuhle (Herr Sturm and family) treats its guests very kindly. The family Sturm owns and operates the Windmuhle. My server every night I found out was Herr Sturm's 76 year old mother. She was super sharp and shamed me with her quickness and vitality. She's at it in the morning when the breakfast buffet is served at 0700, then lunch and then dinner. May God bless her with continued vitality and wit. Helmut Sturm the propieter is a pleasant and humorous host.

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