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Too cool for Stonehenge
With this weekend being the two year anniversary of the London bombings and with all the terrorist stuff popping up around the UK recently, it would almost make one be cautious in getting on a train. But I think the greater risk here would be to not go anywhere, and miss out on great opportunities to see the country.

So this weekend, I decided to just pack a day pack, take my BritRail pass, and hop on and off trains to see England. Day trips were a perfect idea, as there were a bunch of small stuff I wanted to see around Southern England, I wanted to conserve money this weekend, and I was exhausted from the travel marathons of last weekend and Barcelona.

Today I decided to go to at least two places: Bath and Stonehenge.
The day started off with an early rush to the train station to get to Bath, where I met a large group of Tech students going there too. We effortlessly took the train and in a short time were in Bath.

Bath is a charming little countryside town with the main attractions being the Roman baths built around the rare hot springs. I enjoyed seeing the town, and then we all went to the Roman baths. It was pretty expensive to get in, but they were cool to see. I enjoyed the experience, but felt it wasn't exactly worth the price.

The large group wanted to check out a costume museum in Bath that afternoon, so I broke off so I could go to Stonehenge instead. One of my fraternity brothers, Stuart, his girlfriend, and one of their friends from their travel group joined me.

We were off to Salisbury and it was small like the one in North Carolina, but very British.
We found a bus service in the train station that would take us to Stonehenge, since it was about 10 miles out of the city. We hopped on and off we went.

Let me just say that I understand that some things in Europe will be tourist traps or that they won't always be what you expect of them, and while I accept that, this was just incredibly disappointing. We immediately saw what we were in for when the bus pulled up. Stonehenge is nothing like it looks in pictures and is literally, a small pile of rocks. Now I know it is fascinating and interesting as to how they got there, but I didn't feel like it warranted my trip.

It cost a nice fee to go through the gate to walk around (not up to) the rocks, so opted for taking a few snapshots from the other side of the fence. It was just as good to see from that side too. However, the bus to and from Salisbury was only every hour, so we had to wait for it to come back.
English Moor

Though it was nice to see one of the "wonders of the world" and to 'check' it off my list, I would not recommend it nor would I go if I were to do it over again. But the English countryside was beautiful.

It was late afternoon by the time we got back to the Salisbury train station but we felt that we could still go and see some of the coastal towns, so we went to Southampton. The town was very nice, and the train ride by the water was beautiful. We walked around town a little bit and when we were satisfied, we went on to Portsmouth.

A both good and bad thing happened when we got to Portsmouth. Stuart's girlfriend, Nicole, couldn't find her BritRail pass when we got off the train, which was bad because you need it to exit the station.
It worked out because the station called Southampton, which had already found it. The good part about this happening was that it caused us to realize that we needed to leave on a train in 30 minutes in order to be able to get back at Oxford at all that night. So we weren't able to see any of Portsmouth, but we were able to make it back instead of being stuck somewhere.

In a strange path home that required us to change trains 4 times, we were finally back to our dorms. It was a great day because of the adventure, rather than the overpriced tourist attractions.
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Too cool for Stonehenge
Too cool for Stonehenge
English Moor
English Moor
photo by: Vikram