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Bargello Museum
I admit, today was pretty uneventful. But that's really ok considering the past few days I've had in Florence.

I woke up late today and barely made it to class. It was mediocre, and almost immediately afterwards we had an appointment at the Bargello, the national sculpture museum for Italy. Some of the sculptures were really interesting and pretty neat to see, but overall it was a museum of sculptures- not my thing. That and everyone was a little cranky and tired of museums and the visit wasn't that spectacular. Cool building though- used to be a prison (see how I think?).

Afterwards, a few of us decided to finally take time and climb the Duomo, the large dome of the Florence Cathedral.
Interior of El Duomo
It was very exciting and a lot of fun. You climb almost 500 steps through remote parts of the building. It starts off with a long spiral staircase that takes you to the platform that rings the top of the inside of the cathedral dome. So you get a chance to walk around that catwalk and see the altar and the rest of the church. Then you actually climb up steep steps in between the shells of the dome. One of you get to the top, you're on the very tip of the dome and can see forever. The view was incredible, and I would venture to say it rivals the Eiffel Tower. Not only could you see all of France, but also a lot of the Tuscan countryside.

We then grabbed lunch at a great little sandwich bar on a side street near the dome. Once we left though, it started to pour down raining.
The narrow stairs walking up to the top of the dome! Not for the claustrophobic.
Atlanta-summer-thunderstorm style. So we sprinted back to the hotel.

I was hoping to go out and do a few things, but the rain made it unbearable to walk outside. So I opted for a quick nap before our next appointment. This was in the Medici Chapel in Saint Lorenzo Church. The Medicis were famous in Florence for cultivating and helping artists, such as Michelangelo survive and florish in their work. Appropriatly so, Michelangelo sculpted their tombs and they were incredible to see. Besides this, the chapel was completely outfitted in marble- the real and expensive kind. It was also tall and beautiful. Hard to believe that a whole family get their own incredible chapel.

The visit was really short, so I had several hours before it was time to meet up for dinner.
View from the top.
I spent a few hours wandering around, and going to a few districts that I wanted to see. I found a great bookstore that had a substansial English section, so I bought "Freakeconomics"- a book I've really been wanting to read. Tired, I made my way back to the hotel.

By then it had cleared up and I still had some time- perfect for a long run. So I ran through the main squares in town (by now I know the layout of the city well) and it was funny to watch the Europeans react. They must not run. I never see anyone else running, and when I do they are American tourists like me. People don't move out of the way for you and instead they look shocked that you do a thing as run for fun! It must be all that smoking that keeps them skinny.

Anyway, I then ran to the other side of the river to the Piazza Michelangelo (where we watched the sunset the other night) and up and down the mountain side over there.
The city flowing into the Tuscan countryside.
It was absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful runs I have ever been on. It is amazing how quickly it turns into countryside over there and so I ran along a road that weaved through the edge of the country. Wonderful.

I went with my group of friends then to dinner. We ate at "Mr. Kebab"- a kebab place. Kind of funny for our last night in Florence, but it was delicious, quick, and cheap.

After this, I went for a walk by myself along the river to catch the tail end of the sunset. Of course, it was peaceful and beautiful. A great way to end my visit to Florence! Though our stay has been wonderful, they always seem to be just the right amount of time as I am ready to leave tomorrow.

We're off to Venice!
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Bargello Museum
Bargello Museum
Interior of El Duomo
Interior of El Duomo
The narrow stairs walking up to th…
The narrow stairs walking up to t…
View from the top.
View from the top.
The city flowing into the Tuscan c…
The city flowing into the Tuscan …
Beautiful sunset- ending my time i…
Beautiful sunset- ending my time …
photo by: Vikram