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Yes, I did it. I skipped school. I know, I know... but I just couldn't resist another full day in London. I want to enjoy my time abroad while I can! There are plenty of classes that I can attend when I'm back in Atlanta. Plus I had two free skips to use in each of my classes. So why not?

I headed off to London early in the morning- by myself! I do admit, I really enjoy just traveling by myself sometimes, as big of a sin as that is. And I had an incredible day! It was great! I love being able to move around quickly and do what I want to do, and I must say- I am a lot of fun to hang out!

I started off by going to Westminster Abbey. It was early so there was no line, and the crowds inside were minimal. I really enjoyed it- it was probably one of my favorite churches in Europe, and I've seen a lot this summer. It was so historical with so many famous people, and the architecture was truly beautiful. Especially the ceiling. Even though I'm not British, it was incredible to be in the presence of so much history.

I then treked over to the Tate Modern. And by trekked, I mean I took the Tube. I actually took the Tube a lot today and it was a lot of fun! I needed to go to the Tate Modern again though to finish everything. I really enjoyed their exhibit of global cities- it was right up my alley of what interests me the most.

Afterwards, I walked along the Thames (saw Shakespeare's Globe) and ate my lunch I packed this morning. Very beautiful outside. I then decided to go across town to Harrod's. I didn't intend to buy anything, I just wanted to walk through it. It was pretty interesting, as it is huge and operates like a true department store used- they sell everything! Including fresh fish and meat, carpets, books, and everything else imaginable. The rooms (called halls) were each decorated in a different theme. Pretty cool. But ridicously expensive even before you coverted prices to dollars.

I then went back out into the beautiful sunshine and walked through Hyde Park. It was much bigger than it looked on the map! But full of people enjoying the nice day. I walked along the big pond and grassy fields and just soaked up the scene.

I eventually made it over to the Tube, where I had just enough time for a visit to Notting Hill before I needed to catch the train back to Oxford. Notting Hill was very charming and full of nice people (for once). It was great to walk along the streets and enjoy the quaint neighborhood. I found the bookstore where the movie Notting Hill was filmed and walked inside. Very cool!

I really wanted to make dinner back at Oxford so I went ahead and took off on the train. Plus I had plenty to do for our last week of school once I got back. A great day in a great city!
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photo by: ulysses