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The street where our hotel is- all the streets look like this!
Brugge is beautiful and the perfect place to finish up the travel portion of the trip, hands down.

We left Bielefeld this morning and honestly had one of the longest and hardest travel days yet for the trip. This was because: 1. we are tired of the bus, 2. it was a long drive itself, and 3. we stopped a lot. I'm not sure why we stopped a lot but we did nonetheless, which kind of dragged the trip on. However, one great thing was that our route took us through the Netherlands! Another country that I've now been to! Granted it was only for about an hour and the land looked the same as anywhere else and I was asleep for most of it, but it was still exciting.

We got to Belgium fairly quickly and one of our many stops of the day included Gent, where we looked at a very famous altarpiece by Jan van Eyck.
So the picture didn't turn out great- but you get the magnificence that is this chocolate shop.
It's one of those artworks that you learn about in your design history classes and so it was very impressive to see in person. The altarpiece was displayed in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Gent, which was a beautifully done church. Gent itself was a very nice little town and in my opinion, worth the stop. It was slightly touristy, but pleasant still to walk around in for the short time we were there.

Then we got to Brugge, where we will be for the next few days. It is absolutely amazing here. Perfectly quaint and serene; not too touristy but enough so where a group of Americans aren't unwelcome and out of place. It is everything you'd want and imagine a small European town to be.
The river in Brugge.
Perfect for finishing the travel portion of the study abroad program, as Saturday we get to Oxford.

Our hotel is right in the middle of it all and is another European chain hotel. The hotel itself is small and cramped and rather smelly, but it does the job and is in the perfect location- just short walk from the center of town. After setting my bags down and lying on the bed for a short few minutes, I ventured out for a run. Brugge is one of those cities where you can easily loose yourself in, but that just makes it all the more fun. I ran around aimlessly, turning on a street when something looked interesting, or when I wanted to try and follow their little river that runs through town (the river is perfectly beautiful- it's unexpected when you come across it but looks perfectly in place).
The town square near our hotel- beautiful...
Though like the rest of Europe in that the town doesn't really understand a runner, they are very friendly to bikers which helped my case. I got so "into" the town that I eventually consulted a map and made my way back to the hotel.

We had our welcome dinner in the hotel restuarant which was very good and enjoyable. Afterwards, I found free and reliable internet for the first time this whole trip- it was too easy- at the end of our hall. That certainly helps in updating my blog! I did the usual email check and then met up with a few guys to go find a pub and possibly get a beer. At the recommendation of our music professor, we found an Irish pub and it was just what we were looking for. Following a recommendation I got from the infamous Miller Templeton, we all ordered the Bruges Triple and were very much satisfied (I still can't tell the difference in the taste of beer really, but they said it was good).
Random church
We then walked back to the hotel through the quiet, night town which was just as pleasant as it is during the day- just with a different feel.

I am very much looking forward to my short but full time here in Brugge. While I am excited to get to Oxford on Saturday, we are here only to have class once tomorrow and to take exams on Friday- which I'm pretty sure will be no trouble. This gives me plenty of time to explore- which I am very much looking forward to doing. Over the next few days I hope to wander around, go into some shops, eat chocolate and waffles, run, and rent a bike to ride to the North Sea. Oh yeah- I will probably study too.
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The street where our hotel is- all…
The street where our hotel is- al…
So the picture didnt turn out gre…
So the picture didn't turn out gr…
The river in Brugge.
The river in Brugge.
The town square near our hotel- be…
The town square near our hotel- b…
Random church
Random church
photo by: Chokk