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My first weekend trip! I left for Barcelona immediately after class by walking to the bus station to catch the 11:40 bus to Standsted Airport. It was cold outside, but I didn't care- I was on the way to Spain! What ensued was a 13 hour journey that finally got me there. The trip included a 5 hour bus ride to the airport (should have taken 3.5, but traffic stalled it), a 2 hour flight to Spain, a 1.5 bus ride from the airport to the city train station, and a 15 minute cab ride to my rented apartment.

I got out of my cab and onto Las Ramblas just after 1AM and realized the trip over, though long, was immediately worth it. I was so happy to be finally visiting Spain- the place I've wanted to visit the most. And I got another stamp in my passport! My 10th country!

Las Ramblas is the main and known street in Barcelona (kind of like Peachtree St in Atlanta or Champs Elysee in Paris) and being a culture that stays up late, the street was certainly bustling at that time of the day. My cab drove off, and I admit it was a little unnerving but nonetheless extremely exciting to be standing there in the middle of it (with my huge backpack). I stayed the weekend in a rented apartment with three other Tech students also at Oxford, but they flew into a different airport and got in earlier, so I was somehow going to have to find them. I was there with Kristin Kerns (one of my old FAB advisors!) and two other girls from their group. Luckily they called out my name just as I started to walk down the street and when I turned around, there they were!

After throwing my stuff down, we decided to dive right in and find some tapas and they wanted some sangria- the two essential food and drink of Barcelona. We didn't have to look far and we found a nice little place where I ordered a Spanish omlette. It was good especially since I was very hungry after the flight, but definitely overpriced as the restaurant appeared to be a rip off tourists. No worries though, I was just glad to be there.

Afterwards, we were all tired (ironically from sitting on bus after bus after plane...) and we wanted to get up early enough the next day to go to the beach and still have time for the city, so we went to bed. Our apartment is a literally exactly what you would expect if you lived there in the middle of a city- a modern flat in a historically old building- wonderful! And it was so cheap...
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photo by: fivepointpalm