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I left this afternoon with my friend John, who goes to the University of Dayton but is studying abroad with the Georgia Tech program. We are off to Fussen and Munich in Germany for a weekend of mountian biking and paragliding.

We arrived on the bus to Heathrow a few hours before our flight. I enjoy going to airports, but man, what a mess! The terminals seem to have all built on top of each other without any order and without signs you would definitely get lost. I can't imagine how it operates like that.

We checked in and all that and were waiting for our flight on the other side of security. We had plenty of time to kill (as our flight got delayed several times), so I took to walking around the terminals.
Walking to the town and our hotel...
As I'm walking back to the depature lounge, I see a big mob of people coming quickly towards me. Almost running into it, I see what all the fuss is about- it's David Beckham, Victoria, and their kids! They had a ring of security around them, but people were practically swarming them nonetheless. If fact, I got shoved against a row of chairs during the whole scene. I wasn't able to get a picture because it happened so fast, so you'll have to take my word for it. I was wondering where they were going until I saw the news the next morning which had shots of them arriving in LA for a long period of promotions in the US. Sure enough, there they were in the same clothes as when I had seen them!

We soon boarded our plane with much less excitement and no mob of people. Maybe some day. Thank goodness that I was flying British Airways this time instead of Ryanair! It was what you want and expect in your airline.

We soon got to Munich's airport and had no trouble getting through customs and all that. Another passport stamp! You have no idea how exciting that is to me. And I am becoming a pro at this whole travel thing. Munich's airport is new and beautiful, by the way.

We had decided earlier in the week to stay the night in a hotel close by the airport in the small town of Hallbergmoos instead of going all the way into Munich. I had found this little place on the internet that was reasonable and nearby. Naive as we were, we looked at the Google map before we left and it looked easy to get to and everything was going to be fine. We soon found out how hard it was to get out of the airport and to get to Hallbergmoos! We finally found the S-Bahn which fortunately stopped in the town, but it actually stopped 4KM (a few miles) away. We ended up walking for almost an hour to get into the town and then to the hotel!

One thing about these small towns is that NO one speaks English, which always makes things interesting. We had a hard time finding the street the hotel was supposed to be on (Google maps only does so good) but we eventually did. Turns out this place was an apartment building and this guy had taken his apartment and subdivided into little rooms that he rented out as hotel rooms. It really was a funny situation. We had no idea how to get into the apartment building, so we knocked and when this little woman who was in the hall answered, I showed her my printed out hotel reservation which was thankfully in German (although I had found that funny earlier in the week when I got it) and she showed us to the right spot. The owner of the "hotel rooms" spoke no English so we resorted to hand gestures to get everything across. It was all funny, really. The hotel room wasn't bad at all- fairly new and it had everything we could need.

It was really late by this point but we still hadn't eaten. Luckily there was a pub right across the street where, again, no one spoke English. So we had one of those "point to the menu to order" dinners and it was really good! After that it was immediately to bed as we had another long day ahead!
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Walking to the town and our hotel.…
Walking to the town and our hotel…
photo by: rawepower