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I was really excited about this weekend because not only would it be cool to go to Scotland, but I was finally getting to travel with some of good friends on the Oxford program, especially after we had all been in different travel groups and had been doing different things on the weekend. There was a big group of us and it was sure to be a good time.

There were 13 people in my hostel group- 12 guys and 1 girl (she's brave)- but there were plenty of others from Oxford coming up for the weekend too. We all caught the last train out of Oxford after everyone was out of class. We are very fortunate to have a Virgin train service that goes straight through Oxford and on to Edinburgh. The trip was set for almost 6 hours, but there would be no changing trains.

The train ride ended up being a lot of fun! At first the cars were really crowded so we were lucky to find seats and were not able to sit together. But after a few stops enough people got off to where we even had our own table. We played cards for a few hours and just hung around and talked. Great to be traveling with each other!

The countryside was beautiful, especially with the sun setting. It really was great landscape that we were traveling through.

Soon we were in Edinburgh and were dumped off the train into a very dramatic change in weather- it was much colder than southern England! No worries though, it wasn't really a surprise as we knew what were getting in going to Scotland. We found our way to our hostel which was in the perfect location! It was right in the center of town and close to everything. Other than a strange smell in the hallway, there was nothing wrong with the hostel- it was cheap and had everything we could need.

Having not given in to the expensive train food, we walked and found a stand that was still open and serving food. It was fried stuff- like fish and chips or a donner kebab, but was perfect in the cold night. By the time we were finished it was late and we were tired from traveling so we went back to the hostel and went to bed. Amazing how a day of sitting can make you tired!
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photo by: petit_gooroo