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Our awesome hotel room!
I say "Italy at Last" for two reasons:

1. It took two days of exhausting traveling to get here from Paris.
2. I have seriously always wanted to go to Italy more than anywhere else in the world.

We left the strange Alps motel this morning to drive 8 hours to Florence. We almost immediately crossed the border and there we were! In Italy! One of my few complaints about this trip is that because there is so many people on one bus, they do not stamp our passports when we go into a new country. So I won't have stamps to show for all the traveling we do.

But no worries! I was excited to be in my third country ever! I quickly fell asleep though, which makes this story seem anti-climatic. But it gets better!

We eventually stopped for lunch.
Walking the streets.
Man, the Europeans definitely do a lot of things smarter than us- for example, they build exits off their "interstate" which consolidate their gas, restrooms, and a restaurant/convience store which spans the road so both sides can use it. And, it is much, much nicer and more "gourmet" than any stop that I've seen in the US.

Anyway, so we stopped and walked in which was immediately interesting for me. This is because I went immediately from understanding French to knowing nothing in Italian. I didn't know how to order my food or even thank the cashier! Now I knew how everyone felt when we first got to France. However, in Italy it seems English is less popular.

But we trucked on and got to Florence. We checked into our hotel, and since they are all different, me and my roommate got extremely lucky and got a very nice and large room! It is very big and has two doors that open up to views of the street below.
Florence Cathedral
Though the hotel is a little old, with the doors it is just like I imagined Italy to be.

We had a walking tour of the city an hour of so after we checked into the hotel. I was immediately mesmerized by the city and I love it here. Absolutely love it. No really, I immediately fell in love with this city. I already liked it better than Paris- it is more my style. It is smaller and more intimate and full of culture while being void overly-annoying tourist traps. Not that I didn't like Paris.

I hope therefore to use my free time to get lost in the city and indulge in it. To walk around and do casual shopping, to go running through the streets in the mornings, to watch the sunsets from the hill, and to eat lots of gelato.

After the walking tour, we ended up at a beautiful little restaurant for our welcome dinner.
More walking- I liked the arches in this picture.
We all try to eat a lot of food at our dinners since they are already paid for and are usually very decent. That was no problem tonight! The food was seriously among the best I've ever had- pasta cooked perfectly al dente with sauce to die for, pork, beans, better bread than in France, and tiramisu that made us all sigh. I am looking forward to this city.

After dinner, we basically went back to the hotel. Some people were going to go out to some clubs, but I will wait until tomorrow night. I wanted to do some laundry (in the sink- an experience in itself) and get to be at a decent time so I wasn't tired on the first day. I hope to use it to its fullest potential!

brett72 says:
make sure you eat some fried zucchini flowers -- they are a specialty of tuscany this time of year, ask professor medina how to say it in italian and search it out. enjoy florence it is a wonderful city and buy some leather at the leather market.
Posted on: May 29, 2007
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Our awesome hotel room!
Our awesome hotel room!
Walking the streets.
Walking the streets.
Florence Cathedral
Florence Cathedral
More walking- I liked the arches i…
More walking- I liked the arches …
photo by: spocklogic