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In Barcelona, all the museums are free on the first Sunday of each month. And what do you know! It was the first Sunday in July. So I meet Chris, Nick, and Ashleigh Griffin at the Picasso Museum when it opened. It was pretty cool, and I'm glad I went but only because it was free. I did enjoy it for showing the progression of his work, but it didn't really have anything from his best and most famous time periods.

The four of us easily agreed on McDonald's for lunch. Maybe we were homesick, maybe we wanted a cheap meal, (maybe it was both) but it was sooooooo good. I ate at McDonald's back in Vienna but it didn't taste like America. But this did. And I had Coke Light (Diet) for the first time in weeks. Ahhhh...

We had several hours left, and the one thing left to see was Park Guell, which contains more architecture by Gaudi. It was so much fun and his work is so incredible! I got into architecture dork mode and was admiring everything. Plus it was a beautiful day to be in the park and we had wonderful views of the city.

In the park, we happened across the other GTL people and so we walked back together to the metro station and took it back to where their hostel was. It was then time for me to say goodbye and leave them. It really was sad because I won't see them again until mid-August, but I'll be living with Nick, Chris, and Dan at Delta Chi and will see Jennifer and Ashleigh very often.

I had some time to kill before I needed to meet the girls to leave for the airport, so I decided to go check out at H&M and a few other stores. Let me explain that something incredible happens in Spain in July: everything goes on crazy sales. Literally overnight, everything became really cheap. Though this made the stores incredibly crowded and full of lines, it was worth it. So great. I got a suit marked down incredibly and a few cheap sweaters to fight the cold back in Oxford. Oh, and some very European sunglasses.

By then it was time to meet the girls and begin our incredible trek back to Oxford. Right when we gathered our bags and started heading to the bus station, it began to rain. Not hard, but just enough to be annoying. For the first time, I wasn't happy with Barcelona. But that's ok, we took the metro and were soon on the bus heading to Girona airport. An airport about 90 miles outside of the city that Ryanair flies out of because it's cheaper. This was painless, and we had a pleasant wait at the airport. I was excited because my bag was exactly 10.0kg (anything more required checking it and paying money) and because I somehow got priority boarding. This became key when the gate because a freakin' free-for-all as everyone lost their minds and went crazy to get in line when boarding started. I just slipped up to the front and went before everyone else.

Well, our flight got delayed for about 45 minutes as we waited to take off. Also, there had been some terrorist events throughout the UK over the weekend (I happened to catch a few headlines while we were running around Spain). It therefore took over two hours to get through customs and back into the UK. These two factors combined literally made it impossible to make our bus back to Oxford, which we well missed. It was after 2AM when were finally outside the airport (it was cold again!) and trying to find a way back, preferrably in time for my 8AM class. We were able to catch a 3:00 bus into London, where we discovered a miracle known as the Oxford tube which ran all night and got us back to campus at 5:30am. The sun was already up! I haven't seen a sunrise like this since my studio days.

It was quite an experience! We were sweaty and tired from wandering around Barcelona all day and we had all our crap just trying to get back to campus! It was kind of fun at times and we definitely kept our spirits up and stayed positive. And at one point, I woke up on one of the buses and saw Big Ben! It was quite a surprise and a fun way to "visit" London for the first time. However, it was definitely worth it for the amazing weekend that I had!
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photo by: fivepointpalm