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OK, so one thing I forgot to mention is why I have no pictures up for my Barcelona entries. Before I left for Spain, I knew it would be very important for me to charge my camera. But when I first something exciting and photo-worthy in Barcelona, I check to see why the stupid thing won't turn on (it has had lots of problems since I dropped it in Florence- but that's another story) and it's because there's no battery! I left it back in Oxford. So I'll just have to paint a pretty picture for you. Or I'll just borrow pictures from someone else.

Anyway, the day started early with Nick and Chris the GTL gang meeting me to go to the beach. We went and both parties agreed it was wonderful. I fried myself out in the sun and forgot about the past week of cold and rain in Oxford. Ahhh....

We made our way back to the apartment, ate lunch, and I showered- we were ready to conquer Barcelona! Or at least their new hostel, because they scheduled the wrong days or something. So I went with the GTL folk to their new hostel where they checked in.

Once the bags were down and everyone was happy, we decided to go back to Sagrada Familia since it had been closed already the night before. I opted out of going in, so instead of taking the subway, I walked the neighborhood to get there and wait while they went inside. The walk was very nice and I enjoyed relaxing in the park in front of the church with my gelato. They have some here in Spain! Bad news for me.

After the church we went over to Montjuic to see all the Olympic stuff. I have a little obsession with the Olympics, which is funny since I'm not really into sports otherwise but it does help explain my love for both Barcelona and Atlanta. It was incredible! The stadium and all the gardens were beautiful and inspiring. We think that Ricky Martin was having a concert there that night which is why the area was literally packed with Spanish teenage girls and their moms. Kind of funny.

It was late afternoon by this point and we decided to go back to split up and meet back for dinner. They wanted to shower, the girls wanted to shop, and I wanted to wander. So I walked around some parts of the area near my apartment that I hadn't seen before and I found great streets full of people and wonderful Spanish stores.

I had time for a run and decided that it was a must, especially considering the beautiful day. So I decided to run along the coast towards the Olympic Village (see, there's the Olympic thing again). Even though I was really, really tired it was incredibly refreshing and enjoyable. The Olympic Village was pretty cool to see, especially since it had transformed a run down part of town. However, it was nothing like Atlanta's, but my bias comes from the fact that I've actually lived in the one there.

We met for dinner and it was suggested that we go down side streets just to see what we could find. I cannot tell you how incredible the dinner that we found was. I have not been that happy after a meal since Florence. Here's why: for 8 euros each, we got two courses (paella and sausage with zucchini), desert, bread, and pitchers of sangria. And the food was wonderful. A great hole-in-the-wall. Oh man, I am so happy just thinking about it.

Very happy, we left to find a shot bar that one of us had heard of. Along the way, we stumbled across a cartoon film festival in the middle of a church square. It was actually really cool! But only half the group cared, so we ended up only staying for about 15 minutes.

We did find the shot bar and it was actually a lot of fun. Most of you know drinking is not really my thing, but this was pretty cool! For 1.8 euros, you picked something off this huge menu and was surprised by what you got- in a good way. It would be something lit on fire, or something with multiple flavors, or whatever. We got a few there and enjoyed the randomness of it.

After that, the girls wanted to try magaritas so we came across a bar by the water and just sat down and relaxed while a few people tried drinks. After this, it was time for bed- another early morning was to come!
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photo by: fivepointpalm