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The main area of Fussen- the Alps rise right behind the town.
The whole idea behind this weekend was that John's dad's German sister company (if that makes sense) would be hosting him and a friend (me) in the Bavarian countryside by giving us a tour of the company's plant and setting up moutain biking, dinner, and paragliding. So very early this morning, the company's President's personal driver picked us up from our "hotel" to take us about an hour and a half south to Fussen, Germany.

Fussen is one of the main towns in Bavarian Germany and it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. The alps rise over a green landscape with plenty of fresh water, green forests, blue sky, and happy people. We were only getting a taste as we drove up to the company's plant, but it was incredible.

We had a really nice and interesting tour of the plant (they make machines that make parts) and were off to the actual town of Fussen in the company car that they were providing us. Even though John was driving (it was stick- I can barely handle an automatic) it was so good to be in a car. Sounds weird, but when I've spent months on trains, buses, and airplanes, and haven't been in a car since mid-May, it was a great experience. That and it was great to drive fast through the German country roads.

We pulled up to our hotel the company had got us just before noon, so the rooms weren't ready for us yet. So we went to get lunch in the town. The town is wonderful. It's at the foot of the Alps and is lively and fully of culture and history. It's exactly what you'd expect from Germany (which Berlin really was not).
This is the river behind Fussen- look at the water! It was all incredible green and clear. I wish I could have taken photos on the bike tour.
It's like a little mountain resort town without all the tourist crap. And the weather was beautiful. We got some pizza and walked around town for a bit, checking out the old Bavarian buildings and the path to the lake.

One quick thing about the lakes: they are so green and light blue. I'm never seen such pure water in a lake before. They told us it is so clean that you can drink it- and they are right! Apparently they have strict regulations on who can go in and whatnot to keep it clean. One of the guys was talking us about one of the lakes which was apparently a little darker blue than the rest and was therefore "polluted" and "disgusting". He was very shocked to hear about our brown lakes and rivers in the South.

We then went back to the car where we changed to go mountain biking.
John and I at dinner at the private brewery- the man to the right the people across from me spoke NO English, which made the experience all the more fun.
The company had sent one of it's employees- a young guy about our age- to take us mountain biking in the area. He is really big into biking and had just finished up some serious races in Germany. He barely spoke English but did really well and was a lot of fun to talk to. It's always interesting to hear the perspective of someone close to our age but from a completely different culture.

He led us up down some mountains close by on some gravel paths- nothing too hard. I've done a lot of biking this past year, but it was all road biking. I never would have thought, but moutain biking is a completely different story. It was therefore really hard to get used to the bike and climb the hills even when the hills themselves weren't that hard. He asked us if we wanted to try some paths, and being ambitious, we agreed.
The view from my seat- we were basically at a farm!
These were REALLY hard. Imagine a reasonably hard hiking trail- narrow, hilly, and fully rocks and roots- and that is what we biked on. I could not get used to going over rocks and roots without practically falling every time. At one point he stopped and said "be careful, it is steep off the side". He was NOT kidding! It was literally a drop off to the side and we were on a very narrow path. Talk about nerve-wrecking.

After seeing our performance during the first half of the trail, he advised us to get off and walk on the really dangerous parts (which we were pretty much doing anyway) and at the end offered to take us on easier trails. I felt really bad holding him up like that! But we then had a pleasant but still challenging ride over to the two castles that the Bavarian country was really famous for.
The Alps
We got to see them and another beautiful lake- incredible.

By then, it was time to go back to the hotel to be ready to meet our host for dinner. We had a few beers with our biking expert, which was fun, and then checked into our hotel and got ready for dinner.

Our host took us to the most incredible dinner- it was a private brewery in the farmhouse in the middle of a big farm nearby that only locals know about and can go to. The food was the most authentic I've had this whole summer. It was pure german pork, sausage, pretzels, and sauerkrat. Though not my favorite type of food, still great. We shared a table outside with a random German couple as all of the tables were already full and it was a lot of fun interacting with them- our host served as the bilingual translator.
We stopped at a lake on the Alps on the way back to the hotel- here are the pictures.
I could tell that they had a fun time watching us trying to eat their food, as it was hard to cut up and eat.

There is one bad thing about this area in Germany: it is considered very rude to turn down a beer, especially when you are being hosted. While most would consider this good, I do not like beer at all and have a low tolerance. So after the beers after biking and now the ones at dinner, I was struggling! I was trying to be polite and accept the beer (especially since they literally put it in front of you without you even asking) but it was definitely too much. So after the dinner, our host showed us some more of the scenic countryside and I went back to the hotel where it was practically time for bed!
doctorbarbie says:
I really enjoyed your narative... I could picture it, especially the lake and the small towns. Thanks
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
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The main area of Fussen- the Alps …
The main area of Fussen- the Alps…
This is the river behind Fussen- l…
This is the river behind Fussen- …
John and I at dinner at the privat…
John and I at dinner at the priva…
The view from my seat- we were bas…
The view from my seat- we were ba…
The Alps
The Alps
We stopped at a lake on the Alps o…
We stopped at a lake on the Alps …
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