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My brother, dad and I were very excited about going to Colorado. However, upon arrival in the Denver airport it proved that our luck wasn't agreeing with us. Firstly, we were trying to look for where we were supposed to go to rent our car. We got off ther plan in terminal B12 lugged our bags all the way to terminal B30 and then be told we had to turn around and go back a few terminals. Then after we finally got to what they called the center court for the terminals we finally saw a sign that told us where to go for ground transportation. Before we could get to a car though we had to take an underground subway to get there. The subway made many odd noises when people get on or off. We get off at our stop and head to our rental car booth but no one is there. An old man tells us to precede out of these sliding doors and find our bus that will take us to our car. However, when we get to the bus the driver tells us that although me made a reservation, there were no cars left. In the end we finally got a car and were all in ok spirits at least thinking that our troubles were mostly over with. How wrong we were, a minute or so after we leave the rental car place we are already lost and trying to find our way out of the mess we are in when a cop pulls over my dad telling him that he was speeding. Luckily we got off with a warning. We got lost three more times after getting lost in the airport and it ended up that what was supposed to be an hour drive took us two hours. Although getting lost wasn't that fun, perhaps I should be glad because it is funny to reflect on now and maybe it even made the trip even more memorable than if we were to not get lost.
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photo by: AtlantaScottyV