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Just got back from burma. i remember now why i dont like yangon, it really is a dump, but i bought about $90 worth of lacquerware and a bamboo lamp. i went for quite contemporary colours and designs. the lamp is pretty cool, just simple but made of woven bamboo, both base and shade... has a nice rustic texture... was only 10 bucks so why not. im not sure i got all the lacquerware for as cheap as i should but did a fair bit of bargaining. was a bit disappointed with the lack of textile range,, maybe i missed some shops. i really liked some things but the prices were exhorbitant and they didnt want to budge much so just left it. the range in general was pretty limited. im going to pick up a few things this saturday at the weekend markets, but also looking forward to buying some stuff in vietnam next june.
btw, i couldnt find the shop I was looking for at the night markets, and i must ahve done at least 3 laps of the place. i was a bit drunk tho, so that might have been the problem. i didnt ask anyone which was stupid - i might go back and ask around and try and find it.
im going to go over to banglamphu tomorrow and pick up some curry pastes.
so, was in yangon on monday night, and was bored because i refused to look at anything slightly touristy. so i went to a beer station and drank 3 glasses, then moved on because it was boring and dark and just crap. i went around the corner and went to a place near sule paya (the big stupa in the roundabout) and went in another. ordered a beer, and some chicken and cashew dish (similar to the one at pranee - joke), and then had another beer. then another. anyway skip forward to when i had 12 glasses lined up on the table (they dont clear them for some reason). at that point, this girl was looking over me and counting/miming the number of glasses, and generally indicating i must have been pissed (intoxicated), and waved me over to join her. which i did. anyway chatted to her and this dodgy giggling guy that was with her, and its a bit hazy but she was quite flirtatious. but anyway, after a while i think i indicated i wasnt interested in doing anything, and i got up to leave and she got up as well, and when i went to pay, she insisted i paid for her food and drinks that she had had. i sort of said something like 'i dont know if i need to pay for yours as well'.... their bill was about $6... and she started insisting that i do.. i said no.... anyway it escalated very rapidly and she was shouting at me, the person behind the counter was shouting at her... it escalated further and the whole beer station crowd was standing around shouting etc, mainly at her. i had people coming up saying she is bad girl, and sorry for her, and dont pay for her etc. anyway i sat down with some middle aged guys who insisted i drink with them, and she would come over and start screaming in my face, and i started saying stuff like 'talk to the hand' and 'bye!' with a big grin on my face, just provoking her. she was going mental, and eventually police  or someone came and dragged her away. then i got more drunk drinking whisky with some locals.

i dont really remember leaving, but i couldnt find my guesthouse and spent a while wandering around, and the place i thought was my place, i kept climbing the stairs up to the 4 level, and it was just some abandoned building. i must have done that 3 times. eventually i sobered up enough to remember i had a map in my pocket, then walked 2 streets over and the guy let me in. anyway i woke up the next morning and i had big graze on my leg and arms - i dont even remember how i got them, but i guess i just fell over when walking back from restaurant.
the next day i did shopping and had a quiet night.
tonight im meeting up with some guys from work in Bangkok, so not sure whats going to happen, will keep you posted.

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photo by: aleksflower