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Our day started bright and early.  The wake up call was a man tapping the door, practically whispering 'wake up, wake up', 10 minutes late.  That's all.  I'm glad I was already awake.

The excursion took up the whole morning.  Emily and I had each paid the full amount so we could have our own ATV.  Otherwise, we would have had to ride the same one.  We started with the 4-wheelers, which I suck at driving.   You would think with all the equipment I can drive, this would be a piece of cake, but noooooo.  Going down the road, I apparently hit a button and my four-wheeler died and I couldn't keep up.  We were in the front, but fell to the back, which pissed Emily off.  And then my chain slipped, stopping me dead in my tracks.

  We finally got to the jungle, ten miles away.  Emily and I were still leery of this whole zipline thing, but that's only because we were afraid the harnesses wouldn't fit.  We've always been too big for things but since we've both lost weight, we wanted to try this. 

We got harnessed up -- they fit! -- and went to the first zipline.  SOMEHOW, I was in the front of the group, and was the first to go.  So, without hesitation, I climbed the ladder and went.  I was instructed to sit in the harness and only hold the rope.  And just jump.  So I did.  This was also a lot of letting go of fears and proving I can do stuff unexpected.  Emily was scared out of her mind, and didn't want to be there, but I think she changed her attitude.

  The second zipline, we had to run off a platform and the third was the longest.  None of them were especially high or scary, but I think that made for a good zipline experience.

After the zipline part, we went through a hole in the ground, down a ladder, to an underground freshwater pool.  This was awesome, we were each able to jump into the water.  The water was chilly and crystal clear.  So clear, we could see the bottom, 30 feet below.  We were all having a good time -- that is until the German woman jumped in wearing her glasses, and LOST THEM.  They kept looking for the glasses, like they were going to find them.  This unfortunately ended our swimming because it was time to leave.  On our way back with the ATVs, I did much better.

  I stayed with the line closer and went full throttle.

After we ate lunch, we debated between pool or beach.  I wanted the beach; I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I can!  Emily wanted to go to the pool.  So, we compromised.  We spent most of the afternoon at the beach and then retreated to the pool.  I claimed a lounge chair in the corner, away from people, while she swam in the pool.  I was afraid the weather was changing to where a storm might be coming in.  The sky turned overcast and the wind picked up.

I'm afraid our patience is wearing thin with each other.  Emily isn't the greatest traveler, and she keeps texting this guy, whom I know I will not like if I ever meet him.  In fact, while we were resting in the room, she jumps up and leaves, saying she needs a phonecard in order to call home.

  She said she needs contact with the outside world.  Okay -- she's tired of talking to me.

Our dinner reservations were for the steakhouse.  Finally -- it took us two days to get them.  And, after all that anticipation, it wasn't the spectacular meal I was expecting.  It was good, but I guess I had my expectations set too high.  After dinner, she had to call home again, and I even talked to Mom and Dad.  Once we talked to them, we went to the pool area because some vendors were set up.  I saw a man painting tiles and thought they were really cool.  I chatted with him and thought the price was reasonable, $12 for the small.  I hesitatated, so he said $10, and then went so far as to offer 2 for $15.  I asked him if he'd painted the one I had picked out; he said his brother had.  I wanted him to paint mine, and I even got to pick out the colors.  He painted them with his fingers.  There was a mariachi band playing, so when Alejandro was done painting our tiles, we sat down for that.  Emily deserted me for awhile in order to go to the room and make some more phonecalls.  When she returned, we had a couple drinks and them came back to the room.

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Ready for our 4-wheeler adventure
Ready for our 4-wheeler adventure
flying along the zipline
flying along the zipline
We descended down this hole...
We descended down this hole...
...to jump into this crystal clear…
...to jump into this crystal clea…
the baked Alaska
the baked Alaska
Riviera Maya
photo by: ahtibat17