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With this trip being so short-notice, I didn't really have too much time to research, look at maps, or anything. I downloaded some Cantonese language podcasts to listen to on the plane, to at least be able to ask for the basics (not really necesarry though, as it seemed nearly everyone spoke English).

As far as the hotel goes, I didn't get much say in the matter as it had to be pre-approved by the military. When I'm landing somewhere late at night, I usually like to have an idea of where I'm going, but all I had to go on was an address and an MTR map. There was also some rumors swirling around the military people that "someone" got into an unmarked taxi and was "robbed" the day before, oooh, Hong Kong the terrible dangerous city. I wonder about some of these people's common sense.

Anyways, I strategically choose my seat as close as possible to the front of the plane to get out quickly when we land (has to do with motion-sickness, usually get worse during landing, and I've learned I want OUT). With no bags to claim, I was on the airport express before 11:30pm. I knew the hotel was in Kowloon, near-ish one of the MTR stations, but I had no idea. So I did the best thing I could come up with nearing midnight... showing the taxi driver the address. It worked, but it was definitely NOT near the MTR, so I'm glad I didn't try to wander around trying to find it. At the hotel, I wasn't (technically) allowed to check in, as I didn't have all the mess of papwerwork from the military, and my husband (holder of the mess of paperwork) was on duty. Luckily, the hotel people were nice and weren't sticklers about all that since the room was already held and paid for. I did end up in a "single-sailor" smoking room, but oh well, I was greasy and tired and the room was really nice save for the ashtray smell.

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