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Today was the day of truth. The hubs and me were going to meet-up on an MWR tour from Fenwick Pier. His thinking was, since he couldn't leave the pier without me, and neither of us knew if it was going to be huge or tiny, at least we could look for the right tour.

So I got up at 7am, thinking maybe an hour to get there would be ok, but I under-estimated my sleepy-ness. After a little getting loss, taking the wrong bus, wandering around a little more, I finally made it to the Star Ferry Pier to get across to HK island. By the time I got across, I was running late... so I started running. I also realized that sometimes in Hong Kong, crosswalks aren't exactly where they are expected. After a little jaywalking and jumping over a few fences, I felt like I was never going to get to the pier.

.. and then I saw them. The gringos! Yes! Turns out the pier was only a block away, and I was only 10 minutes late. When I get into the building, there's no sign of the tour or my husband... I wait around for 30 minutes... start talking to one of the MWR volunteer info ladies about seeing the big buddha, places to eat, etc, and then... the hubs appears. The tour was moved to Sat, so we go to see the Tian Tan Buddha instead. With a pit stop for breakfast at the MTR station of course...

The buddha was pretty easy to get to. It was cheaper to take the bus, but the MWR lady recommended the cable car instead. The cable car is definitely more touristy than public transport, but the views were incredible! It's a decent ride over mountains and lakes, you can see the airport, little waterfalls, monasteries even the Buddha as you approach it.

The "town" was a bunch of souvenir shops and restaurants, even a starbucks with a view of the Buddha in the background. Living in Yokosuka, we always call the Kamakura Daibutsu "THE" Big Buddha (yes, the one in Nara is bigger too). After Hong Kong though, I think we have to ammend that. The Tian Tan Buddha is HUGE in comparison. I heard it's supposed to be the largest outdoor bronze Buddha. Anyways we took some pictures, enjoyed a Coca-cola light from the top, and headed down.

(As a side note to the military peeps: If for some strange reason you haven't figured it out yet- Trust the MWR people! You would not regret what they recomend! Seriously, we had no info or guide book, solely going off of their directions and suggestions, and had an awesome time.

They are volunteers, they live in the area, they know their stuff and they don't make a profit for sending you somewhere dodgy. Plus free maps and cookies!)

Both of us had heard about Victoria Peak, and we wanted to head up there to catch the sunset and maybe some dinner. The trolley car ride was crazy steep, I felt like I was going to get rocketed into space instead of going up a mountain. We went all the way to the top of the building there and the view was awesome. We stayed on top for a long while taking picturers, relaxing, but then our stomachs started doing some talking! Cafe Deco was recomended to us, so we decided to check it out. Food was great, view was also great, as we could watch the city below begin to light up. When we finished dinner, the trolley line was way long, so we decided to try to walk down.

There was a steep path that seemed to parallel the trolley, and even though it was a long way down, we weren't really in a rush. Eventually though, the road evened out and started turning in different directions. Since we didn't have a clue where we were going, we turned around and went back up.

Since it was getting late, and my husband had to call his ship to "check in", we took the MTR back to Kowloon and opted for a cab to the hotel. Paperwork was taken care of, bus schedules clarified (wait, there's a free shuttle to the ferry pier?!), laundry and internet bought... Surprisingly a tiring day.

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