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Today was both our last day in Hong Kong. We got up early and checked out of the hotel. Since we hadn't gotten a chance yet, and my husband's favorite food is dumplings in whatever form, our mission for today was dim sum!

Of course, first stop was Fenwick peir, as my husband needed to eat, before we went to eat! Plus he wanted to leave his bag in a locker. The MWR lady recommended Maxim's, nearby at city hall, for dim sum. There were a lot of Philipinas hanging out around city hall, picnicing, listening to music. My husband and me laughed because one of the CDs they were playing he bought this summer while he was in the Philippines and we listen to it ALL the time! 

I don't know if Maxim's the best for dim sum, but the place was huge and super busy! We got there before the lunch rush, so we scored a table pretty quickly, but an hour after we got there, there were loads of people with numbered tickets waiting at the enrtance.

I've always wanted to try dim sum, and I can't believe it took me this long! It was a lot of fun, stopping the ladies with the carts and peaking into their baskets, sharing food, watching all the families, old people, babies, parents, kids. And it was loud, with china and chopsticks clinking, people talking and tea slurping. Dim sum is a better anti-depressent than zoloft! We couldn't seem to agree on a dish though. The ones I really liked my husband hated, and the ones I didn't like he loved! We did manage to agree on the chickens feet and mango pudding. I ate so much I felt like someone would have to roll me out!

Sadly though, after dim sum we didn't have much time. I had to walk Dave back to the peir, then catch the train back to the airport. He asked me to find "chinese-style" chopsticks at the airport, since he really liked them. This proved a little harder than expected... Most airports have a couple of souvenir shops selling stuff from that city/country, but the Hong Kong airport has a MALL, with not many cheap souvenir shops. I mangaged to find a little one, and bought some chopsticks and a necklace, then I was happy to go and sit at my waiting area, since I was still so sore from kung fu the day before.

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