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When I heard rumors that my husband's ship was going to make a stop in Hong Kong, I knew it was on! I've heard of people meeting up with their spouses in liberty ports, but I've never tried it myself. Being that it's the military though, he wasn't technically allowed to tell me specifically when or where they were going to be arriving. After several 'coded messages' ("your birth month minus 3, plus your birthday plus 5, times 2 to the square root of 7..."), we seemed to have arrived at a mutually agreed apon date and location to meet.

I started getting a little antsy when I was waiting for the bus. I had a little backpack, and everyone else had suitcases. HUGE suitcases. My thoughts were "oh crap, I'm the only one that's packed up for the weekend, no one else is going to Hong Kong, I should have taken an earlier bus, I figured the wrong dates after all, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." At the airport, it seemed everyone else got split into a different line, "oh crap, I bought the wrong ticket, I brought the wrong paperwork, am I really supposed to be going to Hong Kong???"

Turns out I was in the right place, everyone else was also going to Hong Kong as well, but I didn't have like 80 lbs of luggage to drag with me. What can possibly go in such large suitcases that you need for a weekend??? Half the waiting area for the flight was taken up with US military families, I'm wondering what the other passengers were thinking. It always suprises me how efficiently the people at Narita airport deals with the military passengers, like every other person flying through stays there for months on end without any visa just a little piece of plastic.

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photo by: maka77