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I got up early Thursday morning so I could go to the zoo (I was going to have to go by myself, these two DID NOT want to traipse around the zoo).  All I wanted was to see the panda bears.  When I got to the hotel lobby, though, IT WAS POURING DOWN RAIN.  I returned to the room to get an umbrella, but when I got back downstairs, it was raining even harder, so I opted to stay in, not wanting to tour the zoo in the miserable weather, by myself no less.  I waited for Judy and Jordan to get up and around.  After they'd eaten breakfast in TGIFriday's, the hotel's restaurant, we took the trolley, giving ourselves a self-guided tour of Memphis - pointing out landmarks like St.

Gibson Guitar Factory
Jude's Children's Hospital, the Arcade Restaurant, and the Lorraine Motel. 

Jordan’s demand was to tour the Gibson Guitar Factory, for what reason, I don’t know.  He doesn’t play any sort of instrument of any kind.  (I think the real reason was the Jonas Brothers use Gibson Guitars, and he wanted to feel connected to them in some weird way).  We walked to the Gibson Guitar Factory, I should have gone to the zoo; the weather had somewhat cleared off, but I opted to stay with my travel buddies instead.  Too late for the noon tour, we had to wait for the one o'clock.  The tour was interesting, showing us guitar production from start to finish.  No pictures were allowed during the tour, and since I need pictures to remember what I’ve seen and done, I really don’t know much about the process.

  But, the most interesting part wasn't even included in the tour -- while wasting time in the guitar shop, I listened to some fourteen-year-old kid strum the guitars, making beautiful music.

By the time the tour ended, it was past two o'clock and we were STARVING.  We went to Huey's which promised the best burgers in town.  Not having anything to compare them to, I don't know if this is true, but they were good. 

From here, we went to Sun Studio, the birthplace of rock and roll, home to Elvis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash.  I lovingly called it the Music Mecca.  We toured the Studio, which I HIGHLY recommend.  Our guide was a spunky, young twenty-something, who really made the tour come alive.  It's like Johnny and Elvis were standing in the (original) recording room with us.

rockin' the mike just like Elvis... just don't ask me to sing
  I  thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

From Sun Studio, we began our four and a half hour drive back home.  A perfectly nice two days was practically ruined by this journey.  Jordan insisted on singing incessantly along with the radio - to the Jonas Brothers.  It's okay if fourteen-year-old girls listen to them, but I do NOT want to be trapped in the car with this music blaring in my ears.  I crammed my fingers into my ears, but still could not drown out the noise.  And he decided to badmouth truckdrivers - knowing that I grew up in a truck (my dad owns a trucking company, and I've always been a part of it).  Looking back, I try to not think about this part of the trip, because it was a nice, quick getaway!

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Gibson Guitar Factory
Gibson Guitar Factory
rockin the mike just like Elvis..…
rockin' the mike just like Elvis.…
The Arcade Restaurant, Memphis ol…
The Arcade Restaurant, Memphis' o…
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Sun Studio... the Music Mecca
Sun Studio... the Music Mecca
Johnny Cashs percussion
Johnny Cash's percussion
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somebody stood here to record som…
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This is me... trying to ignore Jo…
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