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wondering if he could come with me...
Finally today was the day... I bought this ticket almost 2 months ago, hahaha. I'd be away just for 5-6 days, furthermore I was going to a warm place, so my luggage wouldn't be big. Also I didn't want to check in any bag. I was always thinking about buying a medium back pack and this was the perfect excuse to do it, as if I needed an excuse for shopping, hahaha.

Flight was leaving at 7pm, so I had plenty of time to pack my stuff. Usually I like to do it one day in advance, but I procastinated it as much as possible, hahaha. Also my grandpa had birthday and since I wouldn't be in town on Saturday for the big celebration, I visited him last night. I started working earlier as usual and took a break to pack. Went upstairs and Gunther was following me.
I think he realized something strange was going on... didn't want to leave me alone a single second. I had 1hr to pack and succeeded. This time I was sure not to forget Minigunther :P

Then I went to the gym, took Gunther for a walk, had lunch and took care of the last details of packing. Checked my list and everything was ready. Taxi would come in 1hr, so I had some time to take a nice shower and relax. I didn't know this would be the last hot shower in a few days, never will take hot water for granted again!!!

The taxi arrived earlier that expected, but I was almost ready. Grabbed my backpack and my purse. Dad was still in the house and said good bye to him and also to Gunther. I'd miss my baby... but I told him to be a good kid and that he shouldn't be sad, I'd be back in a few days... ok, time to travel... again :P
gabee81 says:
I love Gunther, so cute! :)
Posted on: Nov 29, 2015
Koralifix says:
Congrats on having this story featured, Yadi! Good on you!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
junjunph says:
Congrats Yadi :)
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
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wondering if he could come with me…
wondering if he could come with m…
Gunther didnt want me to pack...
Gunther didn't want me to pack...
Minigunther is ready to go!
Minigunther is ready to go!
Be a good kid!
Be a good kid!
photo by: rsvpme