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If you cause yourself to be sick due to alcohol, it is your own fault. Nobody else is to blame...except maybe for the Scottish lad who bought those dodgy burgers or maybe that English lad who insisted on the last shots of tequila....

Then why did everyone on the ferry to Lombok offer me their sympathy and support??

After Bounty last night, our room was once again as hot as an oven so I decided to lay down on the cool floor outside and take a nap. That is, I took a nap until the guy on the night shift woke me up to say my bus to the boat was here. So with no sleep and a pending hangover, I packed up and got on the bus.

By the time we hi the docks, the hangover from yesterday had well and truly kicked in. I had about 5 hours to endure on the boat, this was not going to be fun.

I must have looked a sight as a Spanish couple adopted me for much of the journey and spent the next 5 hours lookin and force feeding me food.

Before the ferry docked, I got talking to a Scottish lad who I seemed to click with instantly. In fact over the next while before we made it to Lombok, we talked a lot and came to the realisation that had we been going to the places, we would inevitably travel together. We did agree to meet up in a few days if I was still in the Gilis when he got there.

Waiting at the next set of docks for the boat to Gili Trawangan, I could not help but notice the sheer amount of locals trying to push their terribly over priced tat. Some of these sales people were far too pushy but luckily we were not long waiting for our narrow boats off to the island.

The journey was so so bumpy. The waves were lapping up over the sides of our boat. It was a short enough journey however.

On the other side I was shocked by the lack of local accomodation people meeting us to get us into their places. When I got on the sandy street I headed right in search of cheaper accomodation. They were all charging far too much, more than I paid in Bali. That is until an English guy named Teddy jumped in and tried to help me with some of my haggling. He then told me of a campsite down the road for about a Euro a night. Before setting off there, his partner gave me a free large Bintang and then informed me that the campsite was in fact Teddy's. He said I didnt have to pay for the beer or even go to the campsite if I wanted to.....I like this form of sales approach.

The campsite was quite a walk away and fairly basic but it had it all really and the tents were massive....and cheap. After settling in, Teddy walked me back to Helen's bar for another beer then I set off to enjoy the town which lo and behold contained an Irish bar.....I was home....

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