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Two years ago, I spent a nice bit of money on a really cool snorkel & fin set. One of those that wont allow water into the snorkel. I had up until now, never used them much despite constantly having them in my bag on my travels. In fact I can only think of Dahab in Egypt being the only time I used them.

Today I intended to change this and finally make good on my impulse purchase.

I arranged a car and made my way to Nusa Dua further south to find a boat to out to sea. On the way we picked up a girl who is quite possibly the most beautiful Argentinian I have ever seen (Bennie, I'm sure your girlfriend is way better looking though). Funnily, everyone at the dive centre assumed I was here husband.

...that was a nice little morning confidence booster for me.

I was able to hire a boat for very cheap....less than a bottle of Bintang in most bars on jalan Legian. We went out to where all the divers go. The snorkelling was pretty cool. Not only was I the only person on the boat so it would go where I said when I wanted but the visibility was crystal clear. I wish I had a good underwater digital camera.

The guy on the boat showed me a little trick that I was never aware of or rather never really thought of. He gave me some bread to feed to the fish when I was underwater to attract them closer to me. I had never seen this before but it attracted so many fish around me. It was pretty sweet.

While snorkelling, I spotted the Argentinian on her discovery snorkel dive a few meters below.

I dived down and tipped her on the shoulder before swimming to her otherside....the old classics still work...

Afterwards, the boat took me to Turtle Island. Apparently it is not just a name. I naively expected it to be a place to see turtles swimming while I snorkelled. I assummed wrongly. It was a turtle rescue place.

Now, as I said about the turtle sanctuary in Pangandaran. I have experience with turtle conservationism so I know how it should be done and how it should not be done. This is why, this part of the day kind of clouded my feelings of today.

I disagree with this sanctuary's methods. They do rescue turtle eggs that would otherwise be potentially poached and they do care for these eggs until they hatch.

However, they do not release the babies as soon as they are born from the same beached they were laid on. This is how it should be done. I sat down with the person in charge to discuss my feelings. They maintain that they do release the turtles but they allow them to mature more to give them a better chance in the wild when they are released since the stats are not good for new hatchlings. Basically, the truth is that 1 in 1000 eggs that are laid, will produce a turtle that will live to come back to the beach and lay their own eggs.

I decided that they do have good intentions but they may be slightly misguided. I do still doubt the rate of release that the guy maintained to, it seemed more like a business than a turtle sanctuary. However, it did afford me the opportunity to see a fully grown male sea turtle, up until today I have only ever held female sea turtles as the males rarely come onto shore.

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