An Unintentional Rude Awakening

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I must that when we landed in Jakarta, I was more than a little disappointed. Im not sure what I had expected, I just knew this was not it.

I guess Im simply not one for big super cities. I had the same feelings when I went to Sao Paulo a few years back. It all just felt too big with nothing that immediately caught my attention.

After checking into a cheap budget hotel we left the mosquito in our room and headed off for dinner and a beer. The street was very quiet and not another backpacker or tourist to be seen. After our beers we headed back to our room to see what our new found friend Mr Mosquito had gotten up to. It turned out he had invited a few friends along for the night too. After we did our best with our flip flops to remove as many as we could, it was lights out time.

Even still I had to get out of bed two or three times with the intense biting.

The morning came with a bang or rather the sound of the call to prayer. This can be a lovely sound. A sound that resonates with history recalling times gone past in lands far away. This morning was not one of those moments. The eight surrounding mosques appeared to be locked in a daily struggle to spread the word of Allah and drown each other out as the loudest mosque in town.

The sounds seemed to go on forever. Coupled with the lack of sleep and the multitude of mosquite bites that now covered both our bodies, we were perhaps not in the best of moods. We therfore decided to forego our few days here and move on to Bogor.

On the walk to the train station we did manage to squeeze in a little sight seeing just not enough to change our minds.

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photo by: cicie