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Every country has the typical sun holiday location for its inhabitants.

The Irish & the British have the Canary Islands and the Algarve in Portugal among others. The Germans share these favourite sun locations too yet I have never seen any there only their towels on the pool loungers. Americans have Mexico boxed off nicely. The Japanese appear to be everywhere.

Rumour has it that every single Australian is in Bali!!

The Australians come here so often that the locals even try to speak in an Aussie accent or at least keep saying "mate" as if that is all that it will take for me to give in and buy his useless goods for a starting price of $35 AUD!!

The beautiful sandy beaches with very surfable waves draw people here as much as the cheap Air Asia flights from Perth & Darwin.

I think that adequately explains why so many tourists here hail from Perth. More surprisingily was the fact that the first tourist, or should I say, the first Aussie I spoke to was not only from Perth but knew my good friend Hannah and comes from her neck of the woods(where I would be in about 2 weeks time).

Meeting some people with friends in common not only made me think of how small the world is but also gave the opportunity from some drinking buddies for the night out. They were good fun actually and even managed to teach an Irish guy som insults against the English that we would never have though of....or even care about. Apparently the English are fond of drinking warm beer.....now I didnt think anyone would prefer a warm beer over a nice cool crisp beer but if there was nothing else to choose from I aint one to be picky....perhaps this explains why this insult never took off with the Irish. Alcohol is alcohol, cold or not. Then again, we do love to heat up whiskey on its own or in tea & coffee.

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Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach
photo by: eddie8498