Snakes....Why Did It Have To Be Snakes???

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It felt good waking up this morning in our run down hallway-esque dorm. Simply put, hangovers exist to remind us how good the night before was.

In all my years I have been to Elephant Temple and saw its statues of Elephants, I went to Tiger Temple only to be shocked by the large tigers prowling around, I then went to the Women's Temple in Angkor Wat only to find no women whatsoever.... for this reason, I was in to minds about going to Snake Temple. That is I was unsure whether it would actually have snakes until a python twice the size of me was thrust into my face by a man wishing to charge me for a photograph!

The temple itself is not a great temple, below average at best. The chance to watch a 9 foot snake kill and eat a chicken however, was highly unique and redeemed the day entirely.

The staff, who were no less monks than I am, were very enthusiastic. This generally translates into, I want a tip. In this temple however, when I shook his hand with a few notes wrapped inside, he almost gave it bak thinking I forget to keep the money in my hand.

After we got back to the hostel, I strolled down the port to Fort Cornwallis only to realise that my reason for visiting it was very very misguided. See, I knew that I knew the name Cornwallis. I knew that I knew of a figure in the British army named Cornwallis. What I forgot at this very moment in time was that I ony know of this person due to the epic movie that was Braveheart. The Cornwallis who had this fort named after is an altogether different man, if only separated by a few centuries I would have been correct but alas I was yet again proved wrong.


It was a nice day when I entered the fort yet before I could even get halfway around the fort, the heavens opened up and I was given a 3 hour reminder that this was monsoon season even this far on the west coast.

When the rain had let up, Kinki showed up and  took us to a nice spot for dinner. Again, she order and we ate what she put in front of us. To my horror, I had apparently not used chop sticks in a long time. To the amusement of Kinki and all the locals around (and Matthew's embarrassment as well as mine) I also had apparently never need to use chop sticks on noodles before. My noodle-chop stick-picking up style really is lacking. Although I was shamed in front of everyone in this street, Kinki did redeem it by giving me nearly all of her fish, which was nice.

Which brings me to another thing, completely unrelated to this day in any way really, why is it that whenever I am sitting down eating with a girl, she will inevitably give me half of her dinner. This seems to happen to me always. I travelled Africa before with 3 girls, after a week I began to only order salads as I knew I would be eating half of their dinners. Back home, Irish mammys have always been the worst, they are notorious though. When my buddy Jeff came to stay once, my mammy maade the decision that he was too thin and set about correcting this. When I stay at friends houses in Ireland, they always try to force feed me. I used to think this was an Irish cultural thing, which probably has the Famine to blame for, but it always happens when I travel too. Not that I am complaining of course, just a random thought of the hour really.

After my shameful chop stick display, we stopped off at store to buy a few bottles of beer and then stopped off at some random beach jsut outside of town where we could sit down, enjoy a beer or two and watch the waves crash against the sandy shore while throwing around a lot of banter. Was a great random night. (looking back, even the chop stick fiasco was pretty funny) 

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photo by: Aurora78