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There are plenty of things to see and do in Djibouti.  There is Lake Asal, famous for its salt and hot environment.  There is Tadjoura to the north that has some of the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs you will see anywhere.  There is the old town center to walk about and enjoy the local culture.  Just be aware of the following:

The US military has declared that all the countries that surround Djibouti are off limits due to high threat levels.  The northern part of this little country of Djibouti, the lands occupied by the Afar Tribe (who love America) is off limits due to security threat levels.  The area to the south towards Somalia is off limits due to threat levels.  The downtown area of the capital, Djibouti, and any night club is off limits due to high threat levels.

Basically do not step outside of your home, there is a high threat level associated with living.  Keep in mind that there is a higher probability of being a crime victim walking the streets of LA, Dallas, Washington DC, etc than going to a beach in Djibouti.  Be scared, very very scared, the boggy man is out there.
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