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This is one of the most annoying aspects of living in Djibouti. The PHONE. There is a one company government owned of course monopoly for land line, cell phone, and internet. The cell phone coverage is very spotty at best, there are many dead spots all over town, and never mind out in the wilderness. You will not get digital anything, so the fancy modern phones of Europe or USA are a waste of $ here. Actually even if they did offer data packages the cost would be a killer. Currently there are NO monthly packages, only prepaid phone credits. This means no unlimited anything. You buy a prepaid card in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000 DF, of course they give you bonus credits so you think you are getting something free but this amounts to nothing of significance.

There is no way to make any free calls to connect to use a long distance calling card, or any other discount. So international calls are out of this planet. Best to use a local Cabine telephone located all over town. Calling rates are very reasonable here for local calls, and I have heard that they are good for long distance. Of course you can have the other party call you, but even at that it will cost them at least .35 cents per minute.

Incredible, even places like Iraq, and Afghanistan have better telecom services and prices. This place has a LONG way to go in the communications depart. To bad the local populace is so mind dead and numb to see how their government is socking it to them.
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