27 March 2010

Djibouti Travel Blog

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Last night I took a jog around the 'block' a couple of times.  Not your normal block, since there are few paved roads, mostly dirt.  I then played a new video game I found at the Navy Exchange on sale for $9.99.  Looked good on the big screen computer monitor.  I ended up playing till 3AM, then I had to force myself to go to sleep.  06.30 comes very fast.  It is starting to get hot.  Because electricity costs so much I only run the AC for 3 hours, then shut it off and use the fan the rest of the night.  I am starting to get used to the hot, I think.  It is now in the low 90's and feels like the low 100's.  Sweat is the normal part of the day. 

The mosquitoes are finally going away.  They are really bad.  I would go on a nightly mosquito hunt before going to sleep.  Because when you sleep they come out like vampires and get you on the ear, toes, head, then your itching all night.  I figured out their hiding spots, anything that is dark in color is where they would hang out till lights out.  I killed many, there are still red spots on the white wall from my kills.  I would not go outside when I got home at night because they were so bad.  They come during the rainy season, although it did not rain much this season.  I really wanted to see a flood.

I've seen some really cute puppies running around the back of the base.  White with brown spots and floppy ears.  These are the puppies of domesticated dogs that the French let loose when they leave.  They are really clean looking and cute. 
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