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 Every morning the ship has a TV program called “Wake TV” hosted by the Cruise Director and the Assistant Cruise Director. They tell about what is going on that day on the ship, interview people from different parts of the ship, etc. They also have a question of the day that we submit our answers and several people are drawn from the correct answers to win a prize. Well, yesterday, in addition to the question of the day, they asked us to tell them about our pets. Since we don't have pets, I told about Bradi and her snakes. Turns out that the Cruise Director is sort of a herpetologist, and he talked forever about ball pythons – where they originated from, etc. He wanted to know if, when Bradi gets her new snake, she's going to get the same sex and try to breed them. I haven't sent in any answers yet, but when I do, I'll tell her that I think Bradi is going to get the opposite sex and try to breed them. I'm pretty sure that's what she told me. I also told him that tomorrow is Bradi's 13th birthday, but he didn't comment on that.

 OK, now for today's adventure. Well, not really much of an adventure. Again, we've already toured Gibraltar, so we opted to walk through the town. It was really nice. Again, the decorations are all up and things are all ready for Christmas. We walked through the little section (a couple of miles) which is the old town. No cars, but LOTS of people. Santa Claus was there having his picture taken with the little kids. We walked all the way from one end to the other. We loved it, but we were dead by the time we got back. My hips and legs and Ray's leg were killing us! Got into the hot tub when we got back on the ship. That helped. Got a great idea while we were out today (from Daniel, of course). They buy one of those little collector's spoons from everywhere they go, tie a little red ribbon on them, and put them on their Christmas tree to remember everywhere they go. So, I bought my first one today. Went to the show again tonight. The comedian was on again, but he wasn't as good as the last time. I'm waiting for the next big production show. Those are the ones I like.

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photo by: ninnu