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No tour again today. The Princess tours didn't seem very interesting to us, so, again, we wandered around on our own. This is a nice town. Just about all Spanish speaking. The people are very nice, and, for a change, none of them heckle us to buy anything. This is a resort town with a beach, but we didn't go there (we live on a beach!). Instead we walked up the main street, again a big, wide street with no cars, and just watched the people and looked in the stores. Wandered down a side street and saw a big arch in the distance that looked pretty interesting, so we went there. Turns out it is a big outdoor market. I mean BIG. It went on forever. Lots of interesting things there, too. There were food markets at the beginning of it (on a little inside area), mostly meat. They sell their chickens with the feet still on them. Yuck! On the way to the market, we passed a big skateboard park that made us think of Hobie and Payton. Took some pictures to show them, but we've got to edit out the obscene grafiti before they see them. What a shame. Most of the places we've been have lots of grafiti.

There are big mountains at the edge of town. One, if not all, of them are volcanoes, supposedly still active. I really like looking at mountains, maybe because we don't have any at home. There were 2 other cruise ships docked with us today, and, as we were leaving port pulling past the one ship, as we got alongside them, all the passengers on both ships were on their balconies and along the railings waving and cheering to each other. Some were waving flags and towels and stuff. Then both of the ships began blowing their ship's horns. It was pretty neat. We took some video of it. So far, that's been the best thing about our balcony cabin. We're enjoying having the balcony, but that was really fun.

Skipped the shows again tonight. One was another comedian, which we're not crazy about, and the other one is one we saw before. Came back to the cabin and watched Angels and Demons on TV instead. They always have quite a few movies on TV as well as 2 or 3 a day “under the stars” up by the pools. You can sit in the hot tub (we did that on another cruise) or lie in a lounge chair to watch the movie. They serve popcorn, too. Actually, I'd rather get comfy in my own bed and watch the movie.

Tomorrow is another sea day. Actually, the next 4 days will be sea days. Yay! Besides that, we set our clocks back one hour tonight. A 25-hour day. Double Yay!

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife
photo by: pacovera