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Sea day today -- thank heavens. Too many port days in a row. We played trivia this morning with 2 couples we met and decided to team up with. We won! (Those guys are really smart.) And to make it even better, they had better prizes than the usual cheap luggage tags. We all got Princess hats. So, we decided to team up again this afternoon for the next trivia, which we lost by 1 point. We had our Cruise Critic get-together to distribute the Moroccan drahms and found out that, after we left Daniel yesterday, someone picked his pocket and got all the money. It was done in the usual way. When they were either getting on or off the subway, someone started bumping and jostling one of the group. While they were all distracted, evidently one of the pick-pockets got the money. We figure that they had been following him since he made the exchange and were waiting for the right time. Daniel is a really big guy, the biggest of anyone in our group. Not exactly the one who would be targeted unless they knew he had all the money. Also, he was wearing cargo pants, and the money was in the side leg pocket which was buttoned. Obviously, they saw him put it in there, because nothing else of his was touched. Well, poor Daniel felt horrible. He said he couldn't decide whether to drink himself to death last night or throw himself off his balcony. None of us lost that much, only 20 euros a couple (although it totaled $560 US for the group), and thankfully nobody was hurt, so it wasn't enough to get upset about. But, the trip to Rabat is off. :-( Tonight was a formal night and the Captain's champagne waterfall. It was also the first night that I actually ate a full meal. I think I'm finally all better! I had to be careful about saying anything about how I felt, because, if Princess people had any idea I has been sick, they would probably have quarantined me. We've heard of several people who have been quarantined, probably because of the swine flu.

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Mediterranean Sea
photo by: phiLLay